Best ways to stay awake during dead week

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As dead week approaches, it may seem like you have 100 things to worry about: that 20-page research paper, your chemistry final and that presentation that will definitely make your face bright red in front of your entire class. On top of preparing for all of that, you also have to factor in the time to eat and sleep. Here at the Clog, we don’t think the ability to stay awake should be a determining factor in your studying success, so we’ve compiled a list of foolproof ways to stay awake this dead week.

Check out these classic moves:

The ice bucket

Have a large tub of ice by your side at all times. This may get a little pricey with all the purchasing of ice and said bucket, but time is money, and here at UC Berkeley we’ve got to pay for our alertness.

The nap

Get a neck pillow and wear it all the time to trick your body into thinking you are sleeping. You can also periodically pass out while at the library, and you don’t even have to lie down! A quick 10-minute snooze might be just what you need to finish up that 40-page study guide.

The slap

Pay one of your friends to slap you every time you get sleepy. The adrenaline rush will keep you going for hours. Not to mention, you’ll be really mad at your friend so you won’t want to ditch studying to hang out with them. More slaps equals less FOMO!

The snort or swallow

Coffee prices are reaching an all-time high, and sometimes Caffè Strada is just a bit too far up the hill for a casual coffee break. Why not buy your own coffee beans and either snort them all up or just swallow them whole? Hot bean water is overrated — just go for the good stuff.

The freeze

Choose a library where the AC is always bumping and the students are all freezing. The chill will have no resemblance to the warmth of your bed, meaning you can stay awake right through the night. Suggestion: VLSB — it’s consistently arctic.

The snack

Stuff your backpack with yummy snacks. Every time you get bored or tired, you’ll have Doritos there to brighten your study session and give you some energy. Pro tip: Avoid full-on meals, because those just become distracting.

The memory

Think back to your GPA. What does it look like? What does it feel like? Are you getting into grad school? There’s some motivation for you to stay awake.

The chew

Minty gum is definitely the move. Just like snacks, gum will increase the blood flow and movement in your jaw, which is part of your head, which is basically your brain. Plus that mint flavor really wakes you up.

Bonus: Stay above land to avoid the darkness of Main Stacks.

Happy studying!

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