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Quiz: Where on campus should you study during dead week?

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DECEMBER 04, 2017

With so many popular libraries and luncheries to choose from, we could all use a magic eight ball to help us choose our study spots. Here’s a quiz to help you decide where to cram for finals.


  1. What’s your study vibe?
    1. I’m very focused, but I’m not pulling my hair out yet.
    2. I’ll be more focused once I finish my foamy cappuccino.
    3. If someone drops a pin, I’ll slay them. I need to cram.
    4. There are 20 tabs open on my laptop, and not a single one is related to what I’m studying.
    5. I deserve a break after creating this very long to-do list.
  2. Where do you live?
    1. Residence halls
    2. Southside
    3. Main Stacks
    4. Northside
    5. In a tent among the trees
  3. Where do you like to study?
    1. On campus
    2. Southside
    3. In a hole underground
    4. Northside
    5. In a spot with a view
  4. What are you studying for?
    1. I’m writing a research paper.
    2. I’m working on a creative project.
    3. I’m alternating between cramming and crying.
    4. I’m doing a lot of reading for a big exam.
    5. I’m memorizing the history of the Golden Bear.
  5. What are you studying for?
    1. I’ve already had my coffee.
    2. I need coffee, and I’ll pay for it if it goes to a good cause.
    3. I don’t need coffee; I have deadline adrenaline to keep me awake.
    4. I need coffee, and I need it cheap.
    5. I’ve got the wind to wake me up.
  6. Do you need to eat as you study?
    1. Nope! I’m an adult, and I’ve eaten already.
    2. A pastry will do.
    3. I always keep a granola bar and gummy bears in my backpack.
    4. I prefer smoothies over sandwiches.
    5. I’ll hunt squirrels as a snack.
  7. What are your study habits?
    1. I start studying in the middle of dead week.
    2. I start studying the first day of dead week so that I can finish without too much stress.
    3. I start studying at 3 a.m. on the day before my final.
    4. My study breaks are filled with memes.
    5. I don’t study, I meditate.
  8. Are you studying alone?
    1. I need to study with people around me to keep me accountable and away from Twitter.
    2. I like to study quietly with friends for moral support.
    3. I study alone, and I’ll die alone.
    4. I’m in a study group, and there’ll be lots of discussion.
    5. My friends, the songbirds, sing to me while I read Jack Kerouac.
  9. How much school spirit do you need to keep you motivated?
    1. I want to study in a place that’s quintessentially Berkeley.
    2. I want to forget I’m in Berkeley.
    3. Scatter my ashes in Berkeley — both because I love it and because a piece of me has certainly died here.
    4. I want to study in the company of co-op residents, poets and fellow exhausted students.
    5. >Go Bears!
    1. North Reading Room
    2. 1951 Coffee Company
    3. Main Stacks
    4. Brewed Awakening
    5. The Big C


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DECEMBER 04, 2017