30 thoughts every student has during the last 2 weeks of the semester

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DECEMBER 05, 2017

Congratulations, lucky reader! You’ve finally made it to the last two weeks of the fall 2017 semester. If you’re like us, you’re probably feeling excited, overwhelmed and a whole jumble of other emotions. Perhaps you’re worried that you still haven’t caught up on all those readings since the last midterm, or you simply don’t care, but either way, there are tons of thoughts running through your head now that you’ve reached the home stretch. So, to capture the grab bag of emotions that dead week and finals week bring, we at the Clog have compiled a list of 30 thoughts that you’ll probably have during the last two weeks of this semester.

  1. Time to get my party on.
  2. Hooray! Now I can finally catch up on all that sleep I deprived myself of.
  3. Wow, I never want to leave my bed.
  5. Wait, didn’t the semester just start yesterday?
  6. But also, shouldn’t it be over already?
  7. Is it even humanly possible to finish this much reading in the amount of time left until I have my final?
  8. Maybe I should go to the gym instead.
  9. I give up.
  10. Maybe if I go to office hours my GSI will bump up my participation grade.
  11. Why couldn’t Thanksgiving break have been just a little longer?
  12. Oh, Thanksgiving. I’M HUNGRY.
  13. Can I just take my finals already? I want to go home.
  14. I should just drop out already.
  15. I should get YoPo. THEN I’ll start studying.
  16. Great. All I need on this final is a mere 117% to pass the class! Yay me!
  17. Why do grades even exist? Can’t we just learn for the sake of learning?
  18. I’m just going to rest my eyes for a few minutes.
  19. Time to rewatch “The Office”!
  20. I should withdraw from UC Berkeley and become the regional manager of a failing paper company.
  21. I haven’t been on Facebook in the last five minutes. I should probably check my feed again.
  22. It’s Sunday night already? Where did dead week go?
  23. I should’ve started studying for this years ago.
  24. I’m so stressed that I feel like I have one giant zit covering my face.
  25. I’d pay my life savings to anyone willing to take this final for me.
  26. Who assigns an essay the week of finals?
  27. Could these desks be any narrower? I’m trying to write an essay here. Jeez, Pimentel.
  28. Is it socially acceptable to cry while I’m taking this test? Maybe my professor will feel sorry for me and give me extra credit instead.
  29. I’m home free! See ya later, Berkeley.
  30. Wait, what am I supposed to do for a whole month?

You may be thinking stressful thoughts, but never fear, Bears! Happy times are on their way. Just two weeks to go. You can do this!

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DECEMBER 05, 2017