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Best gag gifts for any white elephant gift-giving party

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DECEMBER 06, 2017

As the holiday season rolls around, so does the obligatory gift-giving holiday party. Finding the objectively “best” gift is almost impossible, so instead, we suggest you go with a gag gift. But the question persists: What is the best gag gift? We’ve got you covered.

A hundred pictures of Oski

Honestly, this is the go-to gift of all of us here at the Clog, and why wouldn’t it be? Who could resist 100 pictures of the greatest mascot of all time? If you decide to use this idea, be sure to invest in some high-quality, Polaroid pictures of Oski in his many trademark poses. The recipient of this gift may possibly break into tears out of sheer gratitude.

A wet towel

A real gag gift should make the recipient actually gag. The only thing worse than opening up a gift to find that it’s a towel is to discover that it’s a moist towel.

A scrapbook of the best memes from UCBMFET

UC Berkeley Memes for Edgy Teens is a reliable source for top-notch memes. Printing out the best of the best and creating a collection out of them is sure to bring holiday joy to whoever owns it. This gift is sure to be the most stolen item at any white elephant party.

A packet of flyers from Sproul

The next time you walk through Sproul Plaza, take a copy of every single flyer. Once you have enough, staple them all together — for added effect, make sure to staple the pages in the center, not the corner. This gift will provide hours of entertainment and will make the owner a more aware student of UC Berkeley in general.

A year’s worth of UC Berkeley tuition expenses

Wouldn’t we all love to have $35,000?

Be sure to refer to this guide the next time you need to bring a gift to a holiday party. Happy gifting!

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DECEMBER 05, 2017