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Worst places to study for finals during dead week

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DECEMBER 07, 2017

Dead week’s coming up, and you know what that means — it’s time to create a game plan for an entire week devoted to studying (or not studying) all the material you’ve learned this year. And boy, is there a lot of stuff to review (or start learning). Because of that, it’s of utmost importance to use your time wisely, and that starts with knowing where to set up your tent. To help you plan out your week, we at the Clog have devised a list of the worst places to study for dead week.

Recreational Sports Facility

Better known as the RSF, this one’s definitely a no-go. Nothing says the perfect study spot like the lingering smell of sweat and disinfectant in the air (we’re totally joking — don’t come here).

AC Transit

Time is valuable during dead week. Why waste your time just sitting there during your commute when you can study on the way? That’s where you’re wrong — very wrong, to be exact. We know the oh-so comfortable green plastic seats, bumpy ride and natural lighting are hard to pass up, but we strongly urge you to. Nothing says major headache like trying to study in a moving vehicle. #nothanks

Inside the Campanile

Nothing beats having your eardrums burst at every hour. Although quiet for the most part, the bells can get kind of distracting. But hey, at least you’ll know what time it is. 


The infamous “Croads,” as it is called by the regulars of this fine establishment, may serve the most edible foods out of any of the dining halls, but it isn’t the best place to study during dead week. To avoid the constant chatter and getting food all over your notes, save yourself the burden and study somewhere else.

Cushion things in the center of fourth floor Moffitt

What are you? Are you a bench? Perhaps a table? The people want to know. We bet you’ve walked past that section and wondered how on earth someone was supposed to study on that odd contraption. It’s okay, we have too. Many times.

Caffe Strada

Located on the corner of College Avenue and Bancroft Way, this popular spot’s great for many things besides studying. Maybe it’s the tables that are the size of a standard piece of paper or the lack of outlets, but Strada’s not the place to be during dead week. Once you finally find a table or are able to share one with a stranger, you’ll notice that it’s also super loud. So unless you can study in that environment, we’d suggest you avoid it.

Frat parties

Although that table’s great for a game of beer die or beer pong, it’s not made for studying. Take a hard pass on the sticky floors, lack of air conditioning and smell of body odor, and study anywhere else.

Your bed

It may be super comfortable, but it’s just not the right place to study. We’ve all probably considered or tried studying in bed and later come to realize several hours later, when we wake up from our nap, that maybe that wasn’t the best idea. To have a somewhat more productive dead week, avoid studying in bed at all costs. Remember that at the end of the day, your bed will always have your back. Literally. So don’t be afraid to study somewhere else!

4.0 Hill

Maybe you think it’s funny, even a little ironic, but studying on 4.0 Hill isn’t a good idea. Sure, it’s beautiful, and it’s nice to be one with nature, but studying outside comes with many caveats. Unless you want to carry a paperweight to prevent your papers from flying into Strawberry Creek or an outdoor heater to prevent you from freezing, you’ll want to take your studying elsewhere. It’s probably a little too late to roll down that thing, just sayin’.

Take a hard look at this list while you create your game plan for dead week. Good luck on finals!

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DECEMBER 06, 2017