Comforts of home that we totally took for granted before going to college

Isabella Schreiber/File

The semester is almost over, which means soon we’ll be temporarily parting ways with our dorms, residence halls or small apartments and going back to somewhere that’s hopefully more caring and comfortable. As you finish up your finals and head homeward, we at the Clog have evaluated the comforts of home that you’ve probably missed most and the greatest rewards you have to look forward to this winter break.

Sleeping on an actual, large mattress

If you’re in a dorm or residence hall, you’ve probably been sleeping on a foam bed with a comfort pad for the past four months, and even if you do have a legit mattress, we’re willing to bet that it’s just enough to cover your person. College wears you out even during the lazy days, and there’s nothing like the feeling of slamming into a soft queen bed or large sofa when you get home for the holidays.

Sandalless showers

Your alarm goes off, and you feel half-awake, groggy and generally not in the mood to go to class. Surely a shower will help perk you up, but wait, you gotta find your sandals that are buried underneath a clutter of papers and dirty laundry! Once you get home, it’ll feel like the first time you’ve ever stepped in a shower. The only time you’ll need those sandals is for the beach.

Your mother’s/father’s/aunt’s/whoever’s home-cooked meal

Whether you’re eating in the dining halls on the regular, living off of pre-made Trader Joe’s meals or frequenting the quick-eat spots on Southside, there’s a part of you that wishes you could up your dining game a bit (especially after that Thanksgiving dinner). Returning to a house with a kitchen stocked full of ingredients and tools means some great meals can be made. Additionally, your parents will sympathize with your tired soul, and your homecoming meals will be nothing short of excellent.


You’ll know one of your colleagues made it back to their hometown the second they start posting pictures of their dog, cat, chimpanzee, etc. on their Instagram and Snapchat stories — and rightfully so. In a mad world, our pets are one of the very few resources that are always happy to provide us with comfort and solace. Sure, it’s nice to see your friends and family again and to temporarily not have to stress about anything, but the pets are undoubtably the winner of coming home for winter break.


Between being able to relax, seeing people and creatures that you haven’t seen for a while and living with better amenities, coming home is great — for about a week. Usually by the time the holidays are over and sometimes even before then, you start to realize how boring home life is. The friends who you were excited to see suddenly start flaking again, your dad makes one too many dad jokes and you weirdly begin to miss the busy student life. While coming back in January offers mixed feelings, you know that things could be worse.

Be sure to snuggle up with your pet in a giant queen-size bed while eating one of Mom’s home-cooked meals this winter break.

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