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How to make it feel like the holidays

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DECEMBER 08, 2017

It’s nearly December, which means holiday cheer and specialty drinks at Starbucks! As we all know, one of the best things about the holidays is that they come during winter break, when we can all put down our Scantrons and get more than five hours of sleep. Being at school halfway through December can really put a damper on things. But don’t worry — the Clog has all the answers. Here are a few ways to get into the spirit of things in the midst of dead week and finals.


Cruise Dollar Tree, Amazon or wherever else you get your favorite decor, and stock up on some holiday cheer. You can always go for a huge Santa, menorah or kinara, but make sure you get the inflatable version because it’ll be a crowd favorite. You also don’t have to limit your decorating to your living space — you can decorate yourself with a rad holiday sweater. 


Buy, cook or bake your favorite holiday treats to pack on the pounds for winter and get in the mood for celebrations. In reality, you are just prepping for family gatherings where you’ll be required to consume everything. It’s a win-win. 

Pop culture

Watch “Eight Crazy Nights” or listen to “All I Want for Christmas” on repeat. There’s nothing like mainstream American culture to set the mood for religious holidays that are all about getting together with family. You could even write a holiday song of your own and perform it for your roommate. 

Paid model

For those of you who celebrate Christmas, pay a guy to dress up as Santa and hang around your house all day. Bonus: Have him offer to let you sit on his lap and talk about Mrs. Claus a lot. Weird? Maybe. Effective? Always. If Christmas isn’t the holiday you celebrate, maybe make your own holiday figure who is creepy enough to sneak into people’s houses and leave presents for no reason. What fun!

Arts and crafts

It’s time to paint that dreidel, cut those snowflakes and make some colored candles. Develop your creativity while feeling the spirit of December. Plus, if you make something pretty enough, you could give it to your sibling as a gift instead of spending that money you don’t have!


First of all, partying is a great way to get in the spirit of almost anything. Specifically for the holidays, however, throw your squad a holiday party and crack open that eggnog for a night of wholesome fun. You’ll ring in the holiday spirit and still be ready to study in the morning. 

Religious stuff, maybe

Head on over to church or temple if that’s your thing. It probably can’t do any harm, and it might provide a little background on the holiday you celebrate — in a totally secular way, of course. 


A lot of cities or towns will have a little drive-thru light show situation that works charms for feeling that winter magic. They usually cost money, though, so maybe just drive through some neighborhoods and check out all the decor. Don’t forget your hot chocolate! 

There you have it: your guide to the relief and warmth of the December holidays before you escape finals. Best of luck and happy holidays!

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DECEMBER 07, 2017