Richmond resident arrested in connection to $20K worth of stolen property

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12/8/17: This story has been updated to reflect information from a Nixle alert released by BPD.

Berkeley Police Department arrested Richmond resident Andrania Yancy, 32,  on Thursday in connection with three robberies, according to a Nixle alert released by BPD Friday morning.

The statement alleged that Yancy checked into a gym on San Pablo Avenue on Oct. 16 using a guest pass and broke into two lockers in the women’s locker room. Yancy later allegedly used a credit card from one of the stolen lockers to make fraudulent purchases at a CVS Pharmacy in Richmond.

Yancy was identified based on information from the gym check-in desk and video footage from the CVS Pharmacy, according to the statement.

Authorities issued a warrant for Yancy’s arrest Nov. 16.

On Nov. 24, an unidentified woman broke into a locker at a gym on Shattuck Avenue. The woman later broke into the victim’s car using her car keys and stole the victim’s credit cards. The suspect later used the credit cards to make more than $20,000 worth of fraudulent purchases. Yancy was identified as the suspect through video surveillance.

BPD detectives contacted her at her Richmond home Thursday during a warrant service. Stolen property from the three robberies was recovered during the search.

According to the Nixle alert, Yancy was arrested for three counts of alleged burglary, two counts of alleged identity theft, two counts of alleged grand theft and alleged possession of stolen property.

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