Things from 2017 that we're ready to move on from

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DECEMBER 08, 2017

Listen, it’s not that we’re a bunch of buzzkill contrarians trying to cramp the style of what’s popular. We all like what we like, but all it takes is a little bit of hype overload before we get worn out and start to feel disdain toward certain things. Below are some of the things we’ve seen plenty of in 2017, and while some were enjoyable initially, we wouldn’t complain if we just moved on from these things for a bit.


Whether you’re subscribed to Netflix, HBO NOW, Hulu, etc., it’s now easier than ever to not leave your room and watch television for hours on end. But really, far too many people are getting caught in the habit of spending full days watching episodes instead of, you know, actually going outside and doing something. Sure, “Game of Thrones” and “Stranger Things” love their cliffhangers, but surely you can live for a few days or even *gasp* a whole week in speculative mystery about what happened. There’s a reason that television channels have “marathons” and not “sprints.”

The radio-friendly music of this year

Even if you’re someone who hasn’t listened to the radio in years and pays no attention whatsoever to the “hits” of the present day, some of these things are just unavoidable. When was the last time you went to a party without hearing “Bodak Yellow,” “Rockstar,” or “Goosebumps”? Why must Taylor Swift be the center of attention for all of November? And how many times have you heard that damn Ed Sheeran song while you’re simply just trying to run some errands? 2018 will have similar songs that you’ll involuntarily hear 50 times, but at least it’ll be a different set to complain about.

Rupi Kaur

While we at the Clog will cherish this little gem forever and hang it in the walls of our kitchen for as long as we have roommates, the influx of Rupi Kaur memes on UCBMFET grew stale after about five of them. Ever since then, students haven’t even been able to go into their favorite bookstores without noticing one of her books sitting front and center. Let’s find another poet to meme about, shall we?

Campus protests

Hey, we aren’t saying that “Free Speech Week” wasn’t an exciting time to be on campus. It’s hard not to feel exhilaration when you’re walking home from class with a barricaded campus and the sound of helicopters in the sky. But for the amount of alerts and schoolwide chatter about a protest week that only kinda happened, you would’ve thought that a UFO was planning to land on Memorial Glade and that we’d somehow got word of it.

The debate over whether we’re actually “The No. 1 Public University in the World”

There’s a good reason we all flipped out when we got our acceptance letters from UC Berkeley — because it stands as one of the world’s most prestigious universities, alongside the likes of Harvard, Princeton and, yes, Stanford and UCLA. Students, faculty and parents all freaked out when a few news outlets suggested that we may or may not hold the title of “No. 1 Public University” anymore, but let’s be real. There are so many universities that would love to be involved in this conversation, and the fact is we’re still in the top 1 percent even if we aren’t No. 1. Let’s just call this one a draw and move on.

May we find new quirks to complain about in 2018.

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DECEMBER 07, 2017