Dec. 10: Editors’ Note

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Fifty years ago this year, the Mike Nichols film “The Graduate” premiered in theaters to roaring success. It was a film set in Berkeley and one that in many ways reflected Berkeley’s culture and the culture of the late ‘60s. Our writer Anna Ho dug deep into the UC Berkeley archives at the Bancroft Library for our feature story this week, bringing a nuanced, informative commentary on the connections between the film, the city and the changing times. Check that out here.

Meanwhile, one of our writers Candace Chiang has been debugging away at the now-ubiquitous “hackathons” hosted by universities and sponsored by a litany of tech companies. A requisite part of any computer science major’s resume at this point, Candace explores the positives — and the negatives — of these 24 to 36-hour, caffeine- and sugar-fueled coding marathons. You can find that story here.

Of course, we would be woefully wanting if we didn’t address the elephant in the room: finals, or more specifically, studying for finals during the stressful time of RRR week. Our writer AJ Newcomb takes you on a tour of Main Stacks, the underground library students descend into over what has come to be known as “dead week” — don’t miss it.

For a bit of poetry, check out Alex Jiménez’s poem about driving down the freeway in the middle of the night, looking both forward and back, toward both where we want to go and where we are trying to escape.

Finally, we bring a short story by Bailey Dunn about a girl who wakes up every morning and lives her life as a different color.

— Imad Pasha and Molly Nolan

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