‘It’ — is it?

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I love punctuating my sentences: I do it right. I do it, right? I do; it right.

It was beautiful. By “It,” I mean the movie, not the pronoun — just to clarify.

In a shocking turn of events, this will be about spoken word poetry — not the movie “It.” The movie “It” is scary, so I have not seen “It,” because I am scared of scary things. Such as “It.”

Spoken word poetry. I laugh. I cry. I feel things. I clap, and I sing. I die.

That’s spoken word poetry for you.

You should just write; it’s very easy.

So, I’m transitioning from copy editor to spoken word poet. We should write — another one. This should just be — a transcription of — our conversation.

I feel like laughing. I feel like crying. I feel like feeling things. I’m feeling clapping, and I feel singing in me. I feel like living.

You didn’t see that one coming.

Neither did I.

Imagine me speaking these words. That’s spoken word poetry. “It” is words, spoken, poetically.

Imagine me imagining dragons. Imagine Imagine Dragons. Imagine Imagine Dragons imagining dragons.


Imagine John Lennon — “Imagine” by John Lennon. Imagine Imagine Dragons imagining “Imagine” with John Lennon.

Imagine it.

Imagine “It.”

Seeing the word “imagine” that many times — it looks like it’s spelled wrong. Now we can transition back into talking about the movie — “It.”

“It” is surreal. It is surreal. “It” is it, and I am not.

I am it.

Stop thinking about the movie “It.”

Are you speaking these words?

I am.

That’s spoken word poetry — for you.

Ketki Samel is the night editor. Contact her and Maisy Menzies at [email protected].