Cozy things to do at home once your finals are over

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We’ve almost made it. Dead week’s over and we’re in the final stretch to winter break. Unfortunately, this final week is probably the slowest one of the semester. At this point, everyone is completely burned out from hours spent in Moffitt Library or at a coffee shop studying, and it’s honestly time for an undisturbed sleep in our beds. And by beds we mean REAL beds in our parents’ house. Like, with a bunch of pillows, your old stuffed animals and multiple down blankets your mom gave you. Wow, we’re even getting tired writing this. The possibilities of things we can do when finals are over are endless, but it’s always hard to think of something to do when you don’t have studying hanging over your head.

We here at the Clog have decided to write a list of cozy things to do once finals are over. Use it as a reference after finals when you’ve forgotten how to relax, a way to motivate yourself or just as a way to torture yourself with the thought of better, cozier days.

Make some tea and watch a Jane Austen movie.

There’s no better way to get comfy than by making yourself some hot tea and watching “Pride and Prejudice” (the BBC version or Keira Knightley one — both are great). Because finals will be over, it’ll be the perfect time to clear your mind with shots of the rolling British countryside and dreams of Mr. Darcy coming to whisk you away. But if you’ve seen “Pride and Prejudice” way too much, have no fear — there are countless other stories like “Emma” and “Sense and Sensibility” to get you through.

Bake cookies with a loved one.

Imagine it. Smells of warm chocolate chip cookies, the cinnamon-y goodness of snickerdoodles, gingerbread men in the oven. If those smells don’t make you feel warm and happy on the inside, we aren’t sure what else will. So grab a family member or friend and get baking! The Clog has some great recipes for you if you want to try something new, like some great biscotti, snickerdoodle, brown butter sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies, molasses cookies, nostalgic sugar cookies, gingersnap and even macarons!

Find as many blankets and pillows as you can and take a long nap.

Doesn’t the famous poem that begins with ” ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” say something about “a long winter’s nap”? Well, since the weather is mostly below 60 degrees Fahrenheit and finals will be over in less than a week, you’ll deserve a long, warm nap without the stress of finals hanging over your head! You’ll be able to finally sleep as long as you want without the shame of procrastinating and feeling like a total mess plaguing your rest. So capitalize on all the blankets and pillows at home and settle down for the best nap of your life. You’ve earned it.

Go to a bookstore and treat yourself to a new read.

Life as a UC Berkeley student is hectic, busy and just plain exhausting. Students aren’t afforded the luxury of having the time or energy to just sit down and read a good book. It’s tragic, especially for those of us who grew up reading every book we could get our hands on. So take the break and lack of school work to go to a fun bookstore like Barnes and Noble or even an independent library and pick out a book. And once you’ve done that, don’t just leave it on the side of your desk and say, “I’ll get to it eventually.” Actually sit down and read it! Who knows the next time you’ll have the time and energy to read?

Lie in bed and watch a new television show. 

If reading isn’t really your speed, take the time to start one of those shows you’ve been putting off until finals are over. Your brain is probably going to be pretty fried after finals anyway, so who cares if it turns to mush over break? Spending all day in bed and watching a new show or the new season of your favorite show sounds pretty heavenly.

So there you have it — a list of cozy little things to do once finals are over! It’s rough right now, but know that you’re so close. You have just one week more and then you’ll be free for a month. So as painful as finals are, know that there’s a light at the end of the dark tunnel, and the light takes the form of cookies and long naps.

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