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'Tis the perfect season for festive holiday mocktails

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DECEMBER 20, 2017

Sleigh my name, sleigh my name! The holidays are a great time for family gatherings that include lots of food, presents, laughs and — as no celebration is complete without it — booze. Lots of it, too. Whether you’re the designated driver, don’t feel like drinking or are underage, you can still sip a tasty beverage to get you through the painfully awkward dinner conversations. Let’s just say the tree’s not the only thing getting lit this year. You don’t need alcohol to have a good time. Go and sip a mocktail or three. Everyone will be too drunk to even care what you’re doing. Knock yourself out. To quote a festive rendition of a famous quote from a man by the name of Drake, “I know when those sleigh bells ring, that can only mean one thing.” ‘Tis the season for festive holiday mocktails! 

Pear Tree Mocktail

Holiday Mocktail

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me a partridge and a pear tree … mocktail! Try this fruity and refreshing drink to light up your holiday season!


⅓ cup of pear juice

4 teaspoons of sugar

1 cup of ice

Half a lime

San Pellegrino or lemon/lime LaCroix

4 fresh mint leaves, plus a couple extra for garnish


  1. Combine all ingredients except for the San Pellegrino or LaCroix in a cocktail shaker (or a large mason jar).
  2. Shake for 10 to 15 seconds.
  3. Pour into glass and top with San Pellegrino or LaCroix.
  4. Garnish with leftover mint leaves or pear slices.
  5. Enjoy your super tasty and quick mocktail!

Frosty the Snow(mocktail)

Holiday Mocktail

This sugar-rimmed beverage is the perfect winter treat for your holiday get-togethers with friends and family!



Juice from an entire lime


⅛ cup of pineapple juice

¼ cup of white grape juice

Fresh mint leaves

Fresh blueberries

San Pellegrino or lemon/lime LaCroix


  1. Prep your glass by running half of a lime around the rim.
  2. Pour some sugar on a plate and place your glass upside down on the plate to coat the rim evenly with sugar.
  3. Add all ingredients except for the San Pellegrino or LaCroix into a cocktail shaker or a large mason jar. Shake to combine. Tip: Use a spoon or fork to mash up the blueberries!
  4. Carefully strain the mixed ingredients into a glass with ice.
  5. Top it off with San Pellegrino or LaCroix. Maybe even add a few blueberries if you’re feeling extra festive!

North Pole Pomegranate Cider Punch

Holiday Mocktail

This drink is a quick and festive holiday beverage that’s sure to satisfy anyone! 


½ cup of sparkling apple cider

¼ cup of pomegranate juice

San Pellegrino or lemon/lime LaCroix

Juice from a lime

Pomegranate seeds


  1. Pour all ingredients into a glass filled with ice.
  2. Garnish with lime wedges and pomegranate seeds!

Celebrate the end of fall semester and getting through another painful Christmas dinner! Cheers!

Contact Allison Fong at [email protected].

DECEMBER 23, 2017