A look into the diary of a student during winter break

Hannah Cooper/File

Going home is a fun time until the good old law of diminishing marginal utility kicks in. Don’t get us wrong — the excitement of being home is pretty much the only thing in this entire world that gets us through dead week and finals. The quality time we spend with our family is the greatest holiday gift we could ever receive. It’s just that a month is an awfully long time to be with our family and without anything to do. Luckily, we at the Clog have documented the inevitable degeneration that comes with being home for just a bit too long.

Day 1: The fact that we ate a home-cooked meal for dinner has reminded us that Chipotle isn’t actually a food group.

Day 4: We suspect our little sister has been replaced with an evil twin while we were gone. It’s a good thing we were such a saint during our teenage years.

Day 9: Mother just did my laundry for me and separated the colors for each load. I thought that was an urban legend. I retract what I said on day one — this is the happiest I’ll ever be.

Day 10: After sleeping for 234 hours, I can proudly announce that I have officially closed this semester’s sleep deficit. It’s probably a good idea for me to continue my hibernation to prepare for next semester.

Day 11: Yup, definitely an evil twin.

Day 14: The miraculous wonder of perpetual clean laundry and a full stomach is still exciting, but I’m beginning to miss my weekly Thai Basil fix.

Day 18: The post-holiday realization that I have nothing more to look forward to has started to set in.

Day 20: While doing holiday returns, Mom just told me that Berkeley is calling my name. I believe this is because I kindly informed her that the people of our town would make Elmer’s glue look diverse.

Day 21: I’ve taken to lying on the floor and dramatically whining in boredom while attempting to synchronize my breathing with my dogs. In the words of Journey, I want to get back to the city by the bay.

Day 22: It would appear my family has become annoyed with my perpetual loafing around the house. I haven’t the faintest idea how that could be.

Day 28: Dare I say it, but do I miss Moffitt Library? Is that even humanly possible?

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