Kyle ‘Based Stickman’ Chapman’s bond increased by $265K

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Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman, a prominent “alt-right” member, was taken back into custody in December after a judge found that Chapman violated the terms of his bail by being in possession of a weapon.

Chapman was arraigned in August on charges of possession of an illegal weapon in the form of a leaded stick after Chapman was filmed hitting the heads of protesters at a “March 4 Trump” rally at Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park in March. At the arraignment, Judge Mark McCannon stated that Chapman could not have any weapons in his possession until the conclusion of the case, according to the East Bay Express.

Chapman was arrested Dec. 9 on charges of operating a motor vehicle off of designated roads at a federal park in San Francisco. Chapman was found in possession of a Kubotan, a self-defense keychain weapon, and remanded into custody Dec. 21.

Prosecutors requested a bail increase after the incident. Chapman’s bail, which was originally set at $135,000, was increased to $400,000 by Judge Yolanda Northridge at his hearing in December.

“This is purely politically motivated,” Chapman alleged of the bond increase in a video on his Facebook page. “They are trying to take me off of the streets.”

Chapman stated in a post on his Facebook page Dec. 23 that he had been released on bail. A pretrial hearing is scheduled for Jan. 23.

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