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Why Sliver's move to Telegraph Avenue is the best

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JANUARY 12, 2018

We were all absolutely heartbroken upon discovering the grave, grave news that Sliver was moving from Center Street to an unbeknownst location. The vague moving notification almost felt like One Direction’s breakup — we were told Sliver was moving but were never given a definitive timeline or location. Yet to our utter and pleasant surprise, Sliver had its soft opening this past Wednesday, and with its new location opening, took a pizza of our hearts. Without getting too cheesy, we’d like to present some reasons why Sliver’s move is just what we knead.

It’s the New Year’s resolution we never knew we had

Coming back from the RSF? Treat yourself to a slice of pizza. Had a tough test? Treat yo’self again. Just craving some pizza? You guessed it, treat yourself. 2018’s going to be all about treating yourself in moderation. And it’s just one slice — we won’t tell anyone.


The new Sliver location, which is where Pieology used to be, is so much closer to all the Southside student action. And while it’s not exactly Cheeseboard, it’s a quick fix that saves the hike up to Gourmet Ghetto.

Balanced diet

While a few friends hold a spot in what’ll undoubtedly be a long line, the rest of the gang can go grab a salad from Cafe Mezzo for the group to share before eating pizza.


While Artichoke Basille’s Pizza serves as a great late-night snack, it also consumes a lot of our dough money. Getting an entire pizza from Sliver, however, is pretty economical and, in our opinion, justifiable.


Its new location is also near the former Remy’s, which was frequented by clubs for end-of-semester banquets. Sliver’s new space, however, is big and can be the perfect casual setting for club members to bond.

No need for delivery

If you’re sitting in the MLK Student Union but are in desperate need of a slice, you won’t have to think twice about spending double the amount of one slice on delivery. Now you can take a 10-minute break and walk down Telegraph Avenue.

Replacement for Pieology

While we can’t really use our creative thinking skills to create a pizza at Sliver like we could at Pieology, at least there’s a thin-crust pizza close to College Avenue. Can we get a hallelujah?

Sliver’s new location is the perfect piece of news we wanted to hear right before going back to school. We think 2018’s off to a great start already.

Avanti Mehrotra is the blog editor. Contact Avanti Mehrotra at [email protected].

JANUARY 11, 2018