Beginning-of-the-semester playlist that describes all the feels

Willow Yang/File

Well, pals, we’ve reached the first full week of classes, and the verdict is in: We’re all already stressed. Good thing one of the best stress relievers in the world is listening to music. If we’re being completely honest, there were a ton of pros and cons about coming to Berkeley. Some of the pros include reuniting with all of our friends, starting a completely fresh and new class schedule, feeling those good Bay Area vibes and restarting or amping up our coffee addiction. Really the only con is all of the work that this university requires of us. This playlist reflects the mixed emotions that each brand-new semester brings.

“San Francisco” — The Mowgli’s

This song truly is a reminder of what the Bay is all about — so much love in the club. We all have the extreme privilege of living in one of the coolest spots the world has to offer. We should definitely do our best to take advantage of it!

“Hope” — Jaden Smith

What most of us are still able to start off the semester with, and what becomes imperative to maintain our mental sanity. Also, since this artist only reached success because of his parents, we can compare him to our peers over at Stanford who relate to the familial success story. Just kidding  Jaden Smith is super talented on his own and his whole album is worth giving a listen!

“Walk on Water” — Eminem feat. Beyoncé

After the happy delusions of syllabus week are shattered, we all realize that our professors collectively expect us to walk on water or perform some other kind of miracle in order to even attempt getting all of this work done. But with Eminem and Beyoncé by our side, we truly can do anything.

“Everybody Lost Somebody” — Bleachers

A universal tribute to that dropped class that we all have had to part ways with at some point in the first few weeks of the semester. Let’s just hope that Cal has another open class for us to enroll in!

“Devastated” — Joey Bada$$

This is applicable after the joys of syllabus week — little to no reading, cancelled discussions and lectures that end early — come to an unfortunate end. Listening to this song on the way to class will fill you with a sense of relatability but will also pump you up for the hour of learning that you’re about to completely doze off in.

“With a Little Help From My Friends” — The Beatles

Anything is possible with some support from the wonderfully amazing lifelong friends we have made at this school. None of our lives would be the same without the buddies we have surrounding us who are practically our family. T-God for them!

Best of luck this semester! If there’s anything that can get you through it, it’s obviously Clog articles.

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