How to practice your handwriting for National Handwriting Day

Hannah Cooper/File

If you’re anything like us here at the Clog, you probably aren’t known for having the most eye-catching handwriting. Rather, you’re known for the illegible mess that you have the audacity to consider handwriting. But not for long. Times are changing. The stars are aligned in your favor. Enough is enough. This Jan. 23, we will be better. Here are a few ways you can hone those handwriting skills:

Rewrite all of your lecture notes by hand.

There are added benefits to this besides setting aside time to improve your handwriting. By rewriting your notes, you are essentially reviewing all those lectures inside your head. You can also take the time to categorize information and emphasize what is important.

Write letters to your friends and deliver them in person.

You don’t have to be fancy. The point of this is to focus on how you write your message, not what you write. It’s easy to forget about our handwriting when we can simply message whomever we want via Facebook Messenger, text or email.

Hire someone with nice handwriting to write things for you.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Trust us — no one will know it’s not you. Though we at the Clog do not completely recommend this method, it still presents itself as an option, so it would be unfair not to mention it.

Try out cursive and see if you actually write better that way.

Sometimes our tendency to write messily comes from being rushed to complete an assignment or move on to the next slide in the professor’s lecture. With cursive, you save time, since every word’s letters are connected in one single swoop. No more wasting those precious milliseconds by picking up your pencil between each letter. You’re welcome.

Treat your handwriting like a portrayal of yourself.

People like to judge. If the only thing they have to judge you by is your handwriting, then you’re either cool and collected or utterly panicked. Don’t let your chicken scratch be the reason no one takes you seriously.

Dig up some old documents of when you first learned how to write in kindergarten.

Dang! Look how far (or not) you’ve come. Use these old memories as motivation. You aren’t that 5-year-old kid who barely knew how to write their name anymore. You’re an adult! Practice got you this far. So, consider this: If you keep practicing hard enough, you could become an Instagram-famous calligraphy artist like that actor from “Mean Girls.” Not bad!

Have a “safe word.”

Have a word in mind so that as soon as anyone says it, you have to write it down. For example, anytime someone says “Oski,” you have to write it down in the best handwriting you can muster. If you keep this up for long enough, you’ll at least have good handwriting for one word.

Pictures speak a thousand words. So why not try to make those thousand words a work of art themselves? As humans, we’re gifted with the ability to write. Let’s not take it for granted. Handwriting isn’t obsolete. You still have to sign your name for appointments at the doctor’s office.

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