How to be late for class at UC Berkeley

Maya Kandell/File

Most students at UC Berkeley do their best to be on time for class, especially during the first few weeks back from break. You may find, however, that no matter how much you try to arrive on time, you keep having those days when you’re running a few (or maybe even many) minutes late. Here are some ways you might want to embrace your tardiness instead of stressing about it. 

Don’t set an alarm

We all know the feeling: Your alarm goes off, so you press snooze five times, get cranky and reluctantly get out of bed to go to class. Why bother? Eight in the morning is a Godforsaken time to start class. Why not skip the torture, wake up when your body clock says so and stroll to class? Tardiness is guaranteed, but hey, you got your beauty sleep and still made it to class.

Try on multiple outfits

We all aspire for that back-to-school slay aesthetic. Take the time to put together an Instagram-worthy outfit and show off your favorite clothes that you bought over Black Friday and winter break. To really add some va-va-voom to your look, spend some extra minutes experimenting with new hair looks or watching YouTube videos to nail that perfect cat eyeliner and smokey eye. You might be 10 minutes late, but you’ll look 10/10.

Indulge in a rich, filling meal

Whether you like to cook or eat out, take the time to sit down and eat a full meal. (We’re talking appetizer, entrée and dessert!) Treat yo’self.

Take an extra-long nap

Having classes in the afternoon can be so rude — sometimes you have to reset after that never-ending morning lecture. So go home and take that well-deserved nap. Instead of limiting yourself to a half-hour, why not take that hour or 90-minute nap? It’s not your fault that beds are so comfortable and blankets are so warm! Oh, you’ll definitely be late, but your eyes will have that well-rested look that’ll make your sleep-deprived classmates envious.

Stop to talk to that friend you haven’t seen in forever

UC Berkeley is a big place, and you’re always busy. Unless you make definite plans with someone, it’s highly likely you’ll never see them. So when you do run into that friend you haven’t seen in forever, actually take the time to stop and catch up with them. Friendships are important, and who knows when you’ll see each other next?  

We sometimes need to give ourselves a break and not stress out if we’re running late. On days when you’re already running late, try to get to class as soon as you can, but don’t stress out. Know that it happens to the best of us! We at the Clog believe in you and think that you can break your tardiness habit.

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