Important questions about how Oski spends his winter vacation

Katherine Qiu/File

After a month of rest from the incessant onslaught of rigorous academics, school is back in session. For about a week now, miniature reunions have taken place in residence halls, coffee shops and classrooms. Countless lunch dates have been devoted to catching up with friends about their winter festivities, but an important question remains unanswered: How did Oski spend his vacation? The Clog would like to know.

Who does Oski spend his break with?

Oski has no known relatives, so who does he spend the winter with? Maybe he has a family, but he just chooses not to tell the general public to protect his family members’ privacy. Maybe he has a group of friends — fellow college mascots, perhaps — and they meet up to play board games. Maybe he has a special someone with whom he travels the world. Maybe he just camps out in Moffitt for the month.

Where does Oski go?

On a related note, where does Oski go for the break? We can rule out the possibility that he simply ceases to exist for four weeks because he is active on Twitter. However, that doesn’t give us any clear answers. Unless we’re mistaken, UC Berkeley itself is Oski’s place of residence, but are we to believe that he just sits up in the Campanile the whole break? That world-traveling life partner idea is starting to make more sense.

Does Oski celebrate any holidays?

To our knowledge, Oski isn’t religious, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t celebrate any of the holidays, nor does it mean that he doesn’t celebrate all of the holidays. Maybe he operates on some kind of rotating calendar wherein he celebrates a different holiday every year.

Does Oski like holiday music?

On second thought, this question is kinda unnecessary. We’re pretty sure that he does.  

If any of you run into Oski in the near future, the Clog would greatly appreciate if you could ask him these questions for a potential exposé on the world’s greatest mascot.

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