Things we tell ourselves we’ll do differently at the start of every semester

Hannah Cooper/Senior Staff

Congratulations! You’ve officially made it to spring semester, which means it’s time to put together that list of empty promises you’ve been making to yourself every year! Don’t be mistaken — it’s impressive that you’ve gone so far as to set new goals. Just the act of creating new aspirations time and again shows ambition and staunch determination. So don’t let it get to you too much that you probably won’t be doing any of it. We’ve all been there, and to prove it, we’ve come up with a few things we’ve all likely told ourselves this past week.

I can’t wait to attend every lecture!”

We hear it from all of our professors: They probably won’t be taking attendance, but we’re only hurting ourselves if we don’t show up — and we know it, too. But desperate times sometimes call for desperate measures, and how can you choose otherwise when you’re left to pick between the snooze button and an 8 a.m., and you’re probably too sleep-deprived to focus anyway?

“I’m going to buy all of my books so that I don’t fall behind in the first few weeks.”

Remember how in high school your teachers would give you a list of nine required reading materials when you really only needed a calculator? How we could ever be expected to rebuild that trust is beyond us. Not to mention that we’re still in those first few weeks and it’s definitely tempting to drop some of our classes. And if we stayed, we probably wouldn’t do the readings anyway.

“No, really, I’m going to do all of my homework the day it’s assigned.”

Berkeley’s a pretty large stomping ground, and the fact that there’s so much to explore should be a pretty strong incentive to get your work done early and leave your weekends free. But also, no.

“I’m going to put myself out there and sign up for several clubs this semester!”

Yeah, and you’re also going to show up to all the info sessions you RSVP’d to, right? This concept is great in theory, but you go to a competitive university (No. 1, right?) and most applications are not the kind of thing you can easily crank out as you’re trying not to flounder in your first week of schoolwork.

“I’m really going to get to know my professors this time. Office hours, here I come!”

This one’s really important. Getting to know the people who dedicate hours to your learning is a valuable practice. Staying after class just to have more class, however, is not.

“The summer internship search begins now.”

Actually, we’re not even going to talk about this one. It’s a sensitive topic, we know.

We’re all guilty of setting the bar just a couple inches too high, but don’t let this discourage you. Challenge yourself this semester by taking on each of these goals one step at a time, and you’ll be surprised at what you’ll accomplish!

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