ASUC Senate discusses tuition hikes with Chancellor Carol Christ, passes police review resolutions

Jenna Wong/Staff

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ASUC senators passed two resolutions advocating for police review and spoke with Chancellor Carol Christ, who discussed the need for more funding, at the senate’s Wednesday meeting.

The first resolution demands the revival and reform of the UCPD Review Board, which has been inactive for more than a semester, and the second resolution forms a task force to draft a charter for an all-student UCPD review commission. During the general announcements, Christ urged ASUC senators to lobby for increased state funding and voiced her support for the tuition increase.

Senator Juniperangelica Cordova-Goff sponsored the two passed resolutions. Cordova-Goff will chair and appoint four more senators to the task force, which will draft a charter outlining the UCPD student review commission’s structure for senate approval.

“We’ve seen the hypermilitarization of our police departments,” Cordova-Goff said at the meeting. “We’ve heard students throughout the semester come to us explaining how endangered they feel, how targeted they feel, because of any and all identities they hold.”

Before the senate passed the two police review resolutions with a unanimous vote, several students supported them in public comment.

Javier Lopez Quintana, a campus junior and Latinx Caucus representative who also spoke during general announcements, urged senators to vote for the resolutions, saying those who don’t will be “on the wrong side of history.”

“We don’t need to give you all the whole spiel of how Black and brown bodies are continuously targeted by the police,” Quintana said at the meeting. “I don’t think it really matters that we’re UC Berkeley students — police will target us.”

Christ said at the meeting that it was a “real disappointment” that the UC Board of Regents postponed the vote on a tuition increase until May. She explained that she thinks tuition hikes are important because campus funding has not grown alongside the increasing student population and asked senators to join her in making a strong case to state legislatures to buy out the in-state tuition increase.

“You shock students with your rhetoric of support for tuition hikes,” Senator Taehan Lee said to Christ at the meeting. “How are we going to stand by your side if you’ve thrown us to the curb like that?”

Senator Nuha Khalfay also explained that tuition increases of any size are not an option for students who are facing the rising costs of living in Berkeley.

After three senators asked Christ to pledge to lobby for a tuition rollback at Sacramento, she agreed, but wasn’t hopeful it was possible.

“I think it would be great if the state rolled back tuition,” Christ said. “I’m more pessimistic than some of the students are.”

Hannah Piette is the lead student government reporter. Contact her at [email protected] and follow her on Twitter at @Hannah_PietteDC.