Majors that should come out right now but haven’t yet

Hannah Cooper/Senior Staff

College is a unique time to try new things, explore your passions and discover who you really are. What better way to do so than to pursue a major focused on your true calling? With more than 100 majors, UC Berkeley isn’t short on options, but the range doesn’t quite cover every field of interest. In fact, we at the Clog have come up with a few majors that we’re pretty sure would be capped if they existed.

When you enroll as a UC Berkeley student, protesting pretty much comes with the job description. This behavior feels so natural here on campus that it’ll probably take you a few months before you realize that aggressive daily protesting doesn’t occur at every other university. So if you attend this school, it’s pretty much a missed opportunity if you don’t have the choice to develop your protesting expertise. Such a major would equip you with excellent life skills, such as persistence, public speaking and passion!

Social media advisor
You might’ve heard of this career path called “marketing.” Well, this major would be a direct extension of this area, except instead of learning to market a product, you would gain skills in effectively marketing your rocking personality! Requirements for the application wouldn’t be too demanding and would only require that you have the essential accounts, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Myspace. Otherwise, all you need is the right aesthetic and you’re good to go.

Mastering the art of Oski
There’s no doubt we all share the same fervent love for our humble mascot. And if you really care to show it, you should have the option to develop your own inner Oski. In addition to showing off your creepy saunter, you’d only have to complete several prerequisites to declare, including “Oski wow wow! 101,” “Whiskey wee wee! 63B” and “Stanford who?”

Meme studies
This one’s a given. When you go to the school with the best meme page in the country, you should absolutely have the option to major in Memeology. It’s not an easy line of work, but it’s definitely one of the most rewarding. Oh yeah, and thankfully, it’ll be coming to campus soon!

Unforunately, we still have a way to go if we’re trying to gain recognition as the school with the most practical majors, but until then, don’t let the fact that these studies aren’t available in an academic setting stop you from achieving your dreams!

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