Say cheese! Homeroom, or as we like to call it, mac and cheese heaven

Nikhar Arora/Staff

Calling all mac and cheese lovers (which is basically anyone and everyone, because no one could possibly resist this delectable dish)! Homeroom is where the party’s at! Let’s make one thing very clear: We aren’t talking about that unnaturally orange boxed stuff (sorry, Kraft). Golden Bears, this place is the real deal. Homeroom specializes in one thing — mac and cheese. We know what you’re thinking — how could this place possibly be real? If there’s a heaven on earth, Homeroom’s mac and cheese proves it.

Nothing beats a warm bowl of mac and cheese topped with crispy breadcrumbs, but let us just say that Homeroom serves this dish and even more. This trendy spot in Oakland is a favorite among locals and those near and far. Although this place is a bit far from campus, it’s well worth the trip. Reminiscent of a classroom complete with a chalkboard and paper airplanes, Homeroom really has it all.

Homeroom serves a number of unique takes on mac and cheese, which means there’s bound to be something on the menu to satisfy your cheese-loving taste buds. The Gilroy Garlic Mac, a top seller at this fine establishment, is nothing short of that title. Rich and creamy with the perfect touch of garlic, this one’s tough to beat. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, try out the Buffalo Chicken Mac — our favorite game day food combined with the ultimate comfort food. Or try the Hawaiian Mac, which has bacon, cheese and, of course, pineapples. What’s more crazy than pineapples on pizza is pineapples in mac and cheese! Fear not, this one’s actually a really tasty option. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and salty.

If you like to stick with the classic, Homeroom also offers a couple tamer, yet still sophisticated, options. Order the Smoky Bacon Mac for a bold and flavorful dish or White Cheddar Mac for a sharp and tangy take on your classic mac and cheese. If all else fails and you don’t want to branch out and try anything new, order the Homeroom Classic Mac for an equally satisfying dish. With all the dishes on the menu, you also have the option of making your order your own by adding something extra to your mac, such as breadcrumbs, protein, veggies or even potato chips! And don’t think that the folks at Homeroom forgot about you, our vegan friends — there’s also a Vegan Mac, which is a tasty dairy-free mac that’s so good you’ll forget that it doesn’t actually contain any cheese!

Although this place specializes in mac and cheese, don’t sleep on the desserts. Oreos are apparently America’s favorite cookie, but the Homeroom Oreo is a big contender. Think a bigger and more sophisticated take on your childhood favorite. If Oreos aren’t your thing, check out the Big Fudgy Brownie for the perfect rich post-mac and cheese treat! Feeling extra kind to yourself? Top off your brownie with vanilla ice cream and homemade caramel for the ultimate chocolatey dessert! TL;DR: Save room for some dessert!

If you’re ready for lots of food porn and multiple food-gasms, head on down to Homeroom, and don’t forget to take lots of pics! Because if you didn’t take any pictures, did it really happen?

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