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Shopping in Berkeley sucks: Where you should go instead

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FEBRUARY 02, 2018

Whether you’re a shopaholic or someone who only shops when they absolutely need something, it’s always nice to have several options of where to go when this shopping takes place. Unfortunately, Berkeley isn’t widely known for its shopping opportunities. Luckily for us, we live in the incredibly diverse Bay Area, which means that not only are we a BART ride away from one of the coolest cities in the world, but we’re also an Uber or 51B ride away from some classic suburban chain store shopping. Here are some of the Clog’s favorite spots to shop until we drop:

Fourth Street, Berkeley

One of the cutest areas in our city, this street provides us with bougie but wonderful stores including Anthropologie, Lululemon and the Apple Store. Added bonus: a lowkey spot that sells the best acai bowl to be discovered in Berkeley. Though some of these stores might break the bank, immediately heading to the sale section is never anything to be ashamed of. Be sure to hit up Artis Coffee before the shopping extravaganza in order to receive the full Fourth Street experience!

Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco

While still a little bit pricey of an area for college students, the best part of this district is how many thrift stores there are. With dozens of cool coffee shops and amazingly delicious food, you’ll feel fueled and ready to hit at least a dozen thrift shops and have the energy to sift through the racks and find hidden gems.

Bay Street, Emeryville

The most convenient for us Golden Bears, this singular street in neighboring Emeryville has all of the chain shops we know and love, including Forever 21, Vans, American Eagle and more. It’s a quick Uber away or a little longer bus ride (but bus rides are basically free, so worth). The glory of the most cliché suburban restaurants, Rubio’s and California Pizza Kitchen, makes the trip out there worth it even if you aren’t necessarily in a shopping mood.

Downtown Walnut Creek

Welcome to suburbia, my friends. With the entire city center dedicated to this shopping district, it truly is a whole new world. You could spend a week here before you hit every store; just make sure you channel your inner housewife of Walnut Creek while you’re visiting. P.S. They have a Pressed Juicery.

Westfield San Francisco Centre

Besides diverting the hundreds of tourists taking BART for the first time or waiting in line to get some Ghirardelli chocolate, this place is 10/10. It is conveniently connected to public transportation, has tons of great shops, a bomb food court and is one of the most fun areas of the city! Would recommend.

Hopefully we’ve inspired you to splurge on the latest pair of shoes you’ve been admiring from afar or simply to plan a shopping day with your friends. Either way, let it be known that retail therapy is a very real thing. Happy shopping!!

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FEBRUARY 02, 2018