The art of layering: How to dress for Berkeley weather

Nikhar Arora/Staff

One second it’s hot and you’re sweating through your favorite top and the next minute you’re shivering and hating yourself for leaving your jacket at home. What is this weather and how can you save yourself from discomfort? The answer? Layer, layer, layer!

Mark Twain once famously said, “The coldest winter I ever saw was the summer I spent in San Francisco.” For those not accustomed to Bay Area weather, this quote rings true. When you leave for class early in the morning, the cold is biting. As 10 a.m. approaches, it gets nice and warm with a little breeze. Then at noon it’s uncomfortably hot, and in the evening the weather reverts back to the cold and you’re left in utter confusion about how you’re supposed to dress.

Wear pants or longer skirts.

If you’re going out at midday, it’s tempting to throw on that cute romper you got during Black Friday. But if you’re staying out till late, you might want to switch into a pair of longer pants or a long skirt just because they’ll keep you a little warmer when the wind picks up in the evening.

Always carry a jacket or cardigan in your bag.

This is ESSENTIAL. Almost nine times out of 10, you’ll need that jacket when that odd gust of wind blows by or when you’re walking back home after a night class or meeting.

Tank-top-under-sweater technique

If you’re a sweater fanatic like us here at the Clog, this one can be difficult to navigate. Now that the weather is consistently warm, wearing sweaters can get pretty uncomfortable by midday. Wear a thin T-shirt underneath so you can take off your sweater when it starts to get hot.


Flannels are actually a great way to layer up, stay warm and look pretty cool. Pair up your favorite flannel with a simple tee and leggings to be comfortable all day!

Canvas shoes over chunky boots

OK, so this isn’t really layering, but now that it’s officially getting warmer, those thick boots are probably not the way to go. Instead, opt for canvas shoes, which are easy to wear and walk in!

We at the Clog hope you can use some of these tips to stay weather-appropriate as we enter springtime!

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