Types of cards to send your squad on National Send a Card to a Friend Day

Hannah Cooper/File

As the hype for Galentine’s (and Valentine’s) Day continues to build, another special holiday is around the corner — National Send a Card to a Friend Day! This Feb. 7, take the time to send a small token of your appreciation to all of your pals. Here are a few types of cards to give to those special members of your squad.

A punny card for your witty friend

You know that friend whose Instagram and Facebook captions are always on point? The one who spits puns like it’s their day job? Show them some love with a pun they would most definitely appreciate, such as:

“You are the Beary best friend anyone could ask for.”

“Donut worry, I’m always here for you.”

A food-inspired card for your friend who can’t stop with the #foodporn

Food is an integral part of almost every friendship — you go out for meals together and sometimes cook at each other’s homes. In almost every friend group, there’s that one friend who won’t let anyone eat till they’ve snapped a quality photo of their aesthetically presented food. So, don’t forget to give the foodies in your life a special card of their own with sayings like these:

“Love me the way you love pizza.”

“You’re the burger to my fries.”

“Love you pho-real.”

A basic card for your basic friend

We love all our friends, even the most basic, pH-14 friends who swear by their pumpkin spice lattes, are brunch enthusiasts and use the word “literally” in every other sentence. For these friends, the best card you can give them has an inspirational and definitely not cliche quote, like these:

“Friends are the sunshine of life.”

“Friends are angels that lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.”

A meme card for the memelord

Tagging friends in memes is the modern way of showing your true love and friendship. Get that friend who constantly makes meme references, aggressively tags you in Facebook memes and has probably posted a couple themselves a fitting meme card that they will definitely appreciate and cherish. (May we suggest this stash of gems?)

A heartfelt message for all your friends

Making true and lasting friendships is so rare but so fulfilling. Take the time to express how much each of your friends means to you. It doesn’t need to be a five-paragraph essay — a simple, short heartfelt message (or a few Dirks memes) will make your friends feel so much more loved and appreciated.

We at the Clog hope you’ll send some love to your friends this National Send a Card to a Friend Day to kick off your Galentine’s and Valentine’s Day celebrations!

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