The importance of making time for the ‘fun’ things in college

Throughout campus and even here at the Clog, we frequently discuss the stresses and burdens of college. But it’s also important to include the “fun” things that we enjoy into our schedules. So, in case you need a little extra motivation to go out and do whatever it is that brings a smile to your face, we have a few reminders for you.

You have the least obligations you’ll ever have right now

As you grow old, you’ll find yourself more pinned down by a tightly scheduled job, marriage, kids and/or other commitments that you can’t just step away from. So, before you dive headfirst into such commitments, take advantage of the time you have now to escape and explore, even if it’s just for a few hours.

The city is just a short train ride away

Many people make San Francisco seem like it’s a world away (spoiler alert: it’s not). One of the world’s greatest cities is less than 30 minutes away by BART, and it is always a treat to visit, even if you choose to do so on a budget. Oakland is half the distance and has plenty to offer as well, so don’t sleep on the plethora of things to do while you’re right in between them.

And really, there’s SO much to do

Any brief scroll through DoTheBay or even your Facebook feed will let you know that the list of fun and entertaining things to do around these parts never ends. Take the weekend after you finish that big round of tests or essays to get some people together and partake in one of the many fun options right here in the Bay.

Berkeley is a bubble sometimes

Considering the city is essentially centered around the campus, it’s easy to get stuck in the area since it feels like one big, cozy college town. But sticking around too much can get maddening at times, especially when you’ve hit your limit responsibility-wise. Treat yo’ self and explore the great world beyond.

You probably deserve more of a break than you think

We all stress and moan and sometimes even compete over who’s more stressed, but we’re all Bears who have earned our stripes in one fashion or another. As long as you’re keeping up with your list of obligations and fulfilling them to the best of your abilities, you’ve probably earned some time to spend however you wish when you get it, so make the most of it!

So, fellow Bears: Don’t forget to relax a little and have some fun every once in a while. You only go to college once (or so we hope), so be sure to make the best of it while you can!

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