Hello again: The ugly shoe saga continues with Tevas

Caragh McErlean/Senior Staff

News flash: Your favorite ’90s sandal is back. The ugly shoe trend has been taking over the fashion scene, and people are definitely taking notice. It all started when Birkenstocks, another ’90s favorite, came back into style. Whatever your feelings are toward this hot trend, you have to admit that it has a pretty large cult following. On your way to class, you probably see 10 people rocking these “Jesus sandals” — and hey, you might even be rocking this trend yourself. It’s been a rough week for Birkenstocks at the Clog, but we’re not done yet: It’s time to say goodbye to Birkenstocks and hello to Tevas.

You’ve probably seen these shoes around but didn’t know what they were called. We’re talking about those strappy Velcro sandals that give you major #dadsandal vibes. Does this ring a bell? Being the fashionistas that we are, we at the Clog are always looking out for cutting-edge fashion trends. We’re here today to tell you one thing: Dad sandals are back, and they’re better than ever.

Here’s the thing with this whole ugly shoe trend: Ugly basically means comfortable. Who said you couldn’t be comfortable and stylish at the same time? Tevas have been serving as durable and insanely comfortable sandals for years, but don’t mistake this comeback for the same old looks. Today’s Tevas aren’t the Tevas that your parents probably remember. Sure, Tevas may not have been the most fashionable or cool shoes, but the Clog is here to tell you that they are back with a vengeance. Tevas have collaborated with brands such as Nasty Gal and Opening Ceremony and have even been seen on the runways of high-end designers during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia. This sporty sandal brand now serves new takes on your favorite ’90s shoes, including leather straps, flatforms (think platform sandals) and fun prints and colors. These simple sandals have been seen on the feet of many fashion bloggers and celebrities who all seem to be pointing at the same message: Tevas are cool again!

If last season was all about Birkenstocks, this season will belong to Tevas. You heard it here first, Golden Bears. Rock the “ugly-chic” trend this spring by gifting yourself a pair of these comfy sandals.

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