An ode to UC Berkeley’s dearest semester system

Zainab Ali/File

Let’s face it. It’s already been a week of supreme disappointments. JT didn’t cry us a river at the Super Bowl, Tom Brady didn’t deflate any balls, and even worse, Beyoncé wasn’t present on America’s favorite Sunday. Nonetheless, we at the Clog push onward and look for the positive. Usually academia is negative, but not today, folks. Why, you may ask? Well, dearest Berkeley students, our fellow UC compatriots are already beginning their midterms this week, as the quarter system is now in full swing. Thus, in a state where marijuana is legal and in a city where there is no shortage of the greens, we at the Clog figured we should appreciate both Berkeley’s agriculture and academia.

Ah, semester system. Thank you for being you,
If we were at UCLA or UCSB right now,
We’d certainly be bidding our social lives adieu.
Not only do you allow us to have the glory of dead week,
You also allow us to occasionally tell our reading
To kindly kiss our left cheek.
If you decide to miss class for a day of Netflix,
The world will not end,
But if you pulled such a thing on the quarter system,
You might as well craft a withdrawal email and hit send.

Ah, yet the semester system still has its flaws,
But within the quarter system,
There are oh-so-many laws.
You miss one day of class and you’re quite out of luck,
And may even feel like you’ve been hit in the chest by a hockey puck.
On the quarter you should never turn in an assignment late,
Or else your grade will most definitely not be so great.

In short, thank the Lord Oski we are not on the quarter,
For we can relax, take our time and take that long weekend at Coachella to see Porter.
As far as we are concerned, Berkeley is still the best,
And the semester system reigns supreme over all of the rest.

Peace, love, Clog.

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