The Nick Foles dilemma: where will he land?

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Has there ever been this much confusion surrounding the future of a Super Bowl MVP quarterback?

Nick Foles, the Eagles’ backup quarterback, stepped in and continued the trend set by Jeff Hostetler, Tom Brady and even their own Jeff Garcia of benchwarmers stepping up and succeeding in the postseason.

Unlike the other cases Foles, more likely than not, will no longer be on the Eagles roster come the start of next season. For the first time in league history, a Super Bowl MVP is probably going to be traded immediately after bringing home the championship.

Super Bowl MVPs have left in the past, but they have all either been through retirement or free agency. With the credibility that comes along with winning Super Bowl MVP, it seems like there’s no way Foles would remain a backup. With Carson Wentz’s talent and youth, however, he has just about zero risk of losing his starting job.

This leads to the ultimate question: What do the Eagles do with Foles?

Now, if Al Davis was still alive, this would be an easy question: Foles would go to the Oakland Raiders. From Desmond Howard to Larry Brown to Hostetler to Richard Seymour, Davis had a history of grabbing pretty much every player that was successful in the Super Bowl.

Now for the realistic options.

The NFL has a pretty much constant demand for starting quarterbacks and postseason experience is definitely a bonus.

The most likely trade option seems to be the Arizona Cardinals. With the retirement of Carson Palmer, the Cardinals are without a starting quarterback — the last piece they need to compete in the NFC West again. Arizona is also where Foles played in college, and he might prefer returning there than winding up elsewhere.

The Jacksonville Jaguars also look like a team that is a quarterback away from being a serious competitor. While it is probably unlikely for them to give up on Blake Bortles, they could have a serious shot at a title with a quarterback who performed like Foles in the postseason.

Another previous competitor that could use a boost at quarterback are the Denver Broncos. Denver still has a very strong defense and an offense that definitely has talent, outside of some poor quarterback play. John Elway has not been afraid of going after quarterbacks in the offseason, so Foles could be a good fit in Denver.

After the controversial quarterback decisions that Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott made with Tyrod Taylor and Nathan Peterman, it’s reasonable to assume that Buffalo is unhappy with their current quarterback situation. They were a playoff team with no standout offensive weapons outside of running back LeSean McCoy and could potentially see more success in the future.

Now, of course, there are other teams that Foles could go to, but with his performance in the playoffs, he deserves better than to go to the quarterback cemeteries that are the New York Jets and the Cleveland Browns.

The career option for Foles is the most interesting. Foles himself in the past has hinted at a potential retirement and a desire to become a pastor.

It probably sounds absurd for someone who just reached the highest possible accomplishment in their respective sport to retire so early on in their career, but for Foles, it’s a legitimate option. Riding off into the sunset after a Super Bowl win a la Peyton Manning would be the perfect way to cement himself as a Philly legend.

Whatever he does, he’ll always have the support of The Gang.

Rafael Botello writes for Bear Bytes, the Daily Californian’s sports blog. Contact him at [email protected].