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What your preferred sleeping location says about you

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FEBRUARY 11, 2018

For UC Berkeley students, sleep is arguably the most sought-after concept. We’ll do anything to squeeze in that extra hour of sleep anytime during the day. Sometimes, this requires us going to great lengths, as the nearest bed may be too far for comfort as noon strikes and you only have half an hour to spare before that mind-churning technical you still haven’t started the problem set for. Nevertheless, Berkeley students can be seen snoozing practically anywhere where there’s no risk of being judged after waking up (or not). Here’s what your preferred sleeping destination says about you.

Your bed in Berkeley

You probably belong to one of the largest student groups on campus. You like coming back from classes and having something soft to greet you immediately. You tend not to complain about things unnecessarily. Moffitt Library is your preferred library and you think memes are eternal and necessary to hold the fabric of society together. You also think midterms suck more than finals.

Your bed at home

You’re still closest to your friends from high school, and you probably belong to some lesser-known club that’s very particular to your interests. You tend to avoid change if at all possible. Your favorite snack is fruit, and you prefer Jamba Juice over boba. If people ask you for information that is objective in nature, you’ll somehow find a way to incorporate your own personal opinion into your answer.

Sleep pods in Moffitt Library

You’re committed AF. No one can stop you. Sleep is not a luxury but a necessity so you can finish your homework “early” and still have time to start studying for your midterms. You have a “passion project” that you’ve included on your resume to seem convincing, although all of your skills and experiences within the past year of being in the honors society of your department are enough to make up for it.

Steps of Wheeler Hall

Let’s face it, you need attention 24/7. Your biggest fear is becoming a Super Senior, all thanks to all of those lower-division classes you have to take (and want to take). You also tend to like shiny things and have trouble keeping friends for long. People sometimes associate you with stress. You also probably knew Kylie would have a baby before Kendall.

In lecture

You sleep eight hours a day, yet you’re still somehow always tired. You’re always finding ways to combine work and fun, so homework parties are your calling. You aspire to be great at something that may not be obvious at first to others. You’re part of a large organization on campus where you’ve found most of your friends.

Hammock on Memorial Glade

You take life one day at a time. You have amazing planning and organizational skills, so it’s pretty difficult for anything to stress you out. You have few friends, but they’re good friends who share a lot of memorable experiences with you. You’re one of the very few people who still reads for recreation. You’re planning a vacation to a tropical island for the summer.

Floor of Barrows Hall

You have a vision that is meaningful to you and motivates you every second that you’re in Berkeley. You find comfort in simplicity and silence. You find difficulty in connecting with others at times, but you’re very in tune with yourself. Judgment from others is the least of your worries.

Does where you nap match up to the description? Classes are in full swing and midterms are creeping closer. Sleep when you can. Take care, Bears.

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FEBRUARY 11, 2018