What you should celebrate this week besides Valentine’s Day

Hannah Cooper/Senior Staff

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so get ready for the lovey-dovey couples, roses and never-ending red, pink, purple and white decorations. While cute, the Valentine’s Day hype can be way too much to handle, so here are some things that you can celebrate other than Valentine’s Day this week.

Chocolate sale the day after Valentine’s Day 

Chocolate is synonymous with love. While couples share delightful (but overpriced) sweet treats on Valentine’s Day, save up for yourself instead and enjoy the big sale on chocolate Feb. 15. The only thing better than chocolate is discounted chocolate.

Amazing entertainment this weekend

This particular weekend is one of massive excitement. Forget Valentine’s Day, — Marvel’s “Black Panther” is being released this weekend and you’d better believe that people are going to be hyped for this long-awaited, star-studded, slick-soundtracked movie. If superhero movies aren’t really your thing, the Vagina Monologues are also taking place this weekend and are sure to be insightful and entertaining as always.

National Donor Day

A little-known fact is that Feb. 14 is also National (organ) Donor Day! In the spirit of all things heart-shaped, why not share the love and register to become an organ donor?


Society sometimes pressures us to chase after this idea of romantic love. Instead of celebrating couples, take this Feb. 14 to celebrate yourself, how incredible you are and all that you’ve accomplished. You more than deserve it!

We at the Clog hope that you have a lovely Valentine’s Day whether or not you’re celebrating with a significant other. If you aren’t, we hope you can enjoy all of the other things we suggested above and have a wonderful Feb. 14!

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