Berkeley’s after date night sex locations, ranked

Anissa Nishioka/Staff

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It’s Friday night. You’re hanging out with that cutie from Monday’s lecture. You’re looking hot, and it’s time to move things to a more intimate location — but where will you go?

It can be tricky to find privacy in college, especially if you’re with that special someone. You always have the option of sexiling your roommate, but chances are, said roommate will only be cool with that so many times — and that’s nobody’s fault. You’re trying to get laid just as much as your roommate is trying to sleep.

Luckily for you, we have compiled a countdown to the best places to take your boo after a night of romance or — let’s be real — studying.

10. Frat house

What is the appeal? That hundreds of people have had sex on that bed before you? Or that your date shares that room with three other dudes? You can do better. Though the beds are usually a good size, so you have that going for you.

9. Main Stacks

Props to whoever can accomplish this. You do run the risk of being crushed by an innocent bystander looking for a book. Still, it makes for a pretty great story, and the heightened suspense of potentially getting caught will make things that much more interesting. 

8. Clark Kerr volleyball court

The moonlight is dancing on the volleyball net as you lay down in the sand. It’s almost like you are at the beach. But you may not have thought ahead to bring a blanket, so sand is most likely getting all up in everything. Still, it might just be worth it for those of us from SoCal who are missing those summer nights.

7. Memorial Glade

As long as you’re not allergic to grass, this could be a great location. The only risk you run is that of a random Samaritan walking across campus late at night, but it should be dark enough that they can’t see you. Just make sure to be on the lookout, and be ready to take a pause at any moment.

6. 4.0 Hill

You can go for the bench, or you can go for the grass, but don’t go in the wood chips. You’ll have a beautiful view of the Campanile and the fresh night air to keep you going. Again, there is the risk of a witness walking by, but that just adds excitement, right?

5. Your car

If you’re lucky enough to have a car up here, take it for a spin. There are lots of suburban streets or lookout spots around Berkeley (such as Grizzly Peak) at which to park and cuddle up. It’s private and a lot warmer than exposing yourself to the oh-so-chilly 50-degree weather.

4. Berkeley Rose Garden

First, the Rose Garden is beautiful. Second, it has an awesome view of the city and the Bay. Third, it’s got terraces on terraces constructed for some solid privacy. Plus, if you’re up there at night, you will have more privacy than most other outdoor locations.

3. Tolman research rooms/study rooms

If you really want to think ahead, rent out a research room in Tolman (or study room in any other building) for some special alone time. If you have a roommate, this is a great option for having an actual room to have sex in without kicking anybody out.

2. Football field

This should really be a requirement for graduating. It’s exceedingly easy to sneak on to, and if you make it down to the grass, nobody is going to see you. Added plus — those of you allergic to grass have nothing to worry about, because it’s all turf!

1. Your single

This one speaks for itself. It’s the dream. Having a single in Berkeley has a lot of advantages, but the best has to be your ability to have sex in it. Nothing can stop you when you have a single, except a shitty date. If you’re really living large, you might also have a full-size bed. Just imagine all the possibilities.

You have the locations, now go grab your date and see how many you can check off the list.

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