Raise your hand if you’re glad for S.A.D. in Berkeley this Valentine’s Day

Jessica Khauv/File

Tired of being content with your platonic companions and friendships? Ready to be reminded that you’ll probably die alone? Looking for a commercial reason this depression season? Never fear — Feb. 14 is coming up, which means Singles Awareness Day is just around the corner!

Why concentrate on cultivating friendships that can last a lifetime when you can reach temporary romantic gratification in the form of a $6 teddy bear and a flower ya boi probably picked from one of the many colorful bushes outside The Berk?

It’s not too late to confess your love to that cutie in Math 1A or that GSI who really gets you when you bring up Kafka for the sixth time during discussion. Why not find your temporary soulmate and spend money on them now? It’s not like you’re going to be paying off those student loans anytime soon (I’m looking at you, fellow humanities majors).

Instead, why not enjoy a night out with your bae at one of the many eateries on Durant Avenue? Enjoy an enchanting evening at Taco Bell, where you can get a meal for $3 and watch the Olympics on television; or if you’re looking for a real cultural experience, why not give Artichoke Basille’s Pizza a try instead of Abe’s for the seventh time this week? If you’re feeling really generous, head on down to Smoke’s — nothing says love quite as well as a hot dish of poutine.

If you want to get out of spending money (on yourself or ya girl), there are always a couple of free spots around for those of us who are perpetually single — so don’t even worry!

You can check out:

The BAMPFA and make some postcards for your future self or that guy who sits behind you in lecture and eats the whole time (Jimothy, please).

Memorial Glade if you want to watch couples argue over their set gift prices this year. (It’s always a fun time if you want to play the age-old “Friends or Couples?” game as we all figure this stuff out during this wonderfully confusing season).

Or if you’re feeling like really showing your romantic chops, hike on up to the Berkeley Rose Garden and read the Communist Manifesto to remind yourself why you don’t participate in these commercialist endeavors.

Whether you’re pumping the official Singles Awareness Day playlist on Spotify or the Single + Loving it tracks this Feb. 14, you can know at the end of the day, it’s Berkeley. You may be single, but you’re certainly not alone.

While we may disagree on how S.A.D. we are this Valentine’s Day, let’s all remember the beauty that is the day before, which is, quite frankly, a much better holiday. Happy Galentine’s Day, singles — you wonderful land mermaids.

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