To swipe left, swipe right or Super Like? That is the question

Joshua Jordan/Senior Staff

Tinder can be credited as the creator of some of the greatest love stories of our generation. Online dating may not be the ideal way to start a beautiful relationship, but let’s be real: It will be the norm soon enough. There’s no need for awkward face-to-face interaction, you can unmatch if you’re not feeling it, and there’s never worry of actual rejection! It’s no wonder the growing antisocial generation loves Tinder so much. We at the Clog think everyone deserves a chance at love! On this dating app, everyone is bound to find that special someone. Here are some of the many bios you may come across on this journey to love.


“I live and breathe Python and Java. Showering is an option, but with a shower partner, maybe it can become a habit? I have a 5.9 GPA and plan to intern at Google over the summer. Currently in the process of writing a code to make you mine. I’m not like the other EECS majors. 6’1″ if that helps.”


“Yeah, I’ll be saving lives one day. Pretty sure we’ve got (organic) chemistry, right? I delete the app sometimes to get my A- up, so don’t worry if it takes me a while to reply. If you’re pre-med too, you should rush my frat! 3.9 GPA. Sad reax only!”

Celtic studies

“CS major! Everyone’s favorite underdog. Not to brag, but 4.0 GPA. I don’t really have too much homework so I got a lot of time to be with you.”


“I’m not here to make friends. I’m here to win. If you’ve got connections anywhere, let me know. Always down to network if this love stuff doesn’t work out. If you’ve got any ideas about startups, super like me. I’ll handle the business if you can code. If you’re not going to swipe right, at least add me on LinkedIn!”

Political science

“Not good at bios, but I’ll give it a shot. Text ‘RESIST’ to 50409. Looking for someone to talk politics and listen to Kendrick or G-Eazy with. Our first date will probably be at a protest. Swipe opposite of your political views.”


“Wall-E’s my favorite movie because even though he’s a robot, he really makes you feel something. Swipe right and we can go to all the film festivals around the area. Also looking for someone to star in my next short film. Think film is a waste of time? ‘Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.’ ”

And, of course, our special guests…

Study abroad students

“New to the area! I’m only in Berkeley for the semester. Looking for new friends and adventure. I’m down to do anything, just swipe right! I would love for someone to show me around sometime! (:”

In the middle of studying, crying and flyering, who has time to do the old-school way of dating? Tinder is quick, simple and easy. Whatever your major, Tinder could potentially help you find love or realize that some majors just weren’t meant to be. We at the Clog wish you luck on your journey to true love!

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