Editors’ Note: Feb. 18

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This week, The Weekender brings you a collection of portfolio pieces — everything from poetry to photo compilations — in an expose of the many creative talents among the staff of The Daily Californian. This issue features pieces contributed from Weekender staff writers, as well as pieces composed by staff members in other departments.

Weekender staff writer Jacqueline Moran wrote a commentary about her experience in California, and how she has gradually grown more connected to the state and the unique culture it captures. If you’re looking for something suspenseful, Olivia Staser — also a member of the Weekender staff — contributed a horror story titled “The Grove.” Check it out here.

This issue also features a broad collection of poems. “Renaissance,” written by Weekender staff writer Madelyn Peterson, describes her first experiences as a new student at UC Berkeley. Sakura Cannestra, an assistant news editor, also contributed an array of short poems, and opinion columnist Hari Srinivasan contributed a prose poetry piece.

Also contributed by Weekender staff were a lighthearted poem by Brianna Brann, about the many uses for Post-it notes as well as a poem titled “At Home” by Katrina Fadrilan about redefining “home.” This issue also features a vivid poem by Candace Chiang titled “Numbers.”

In addition to creative writing, this portfolio issue also features visual creative works, contributed by staff members in the photo and design departments. Erin Haar’s diverse photography portfolio encapsulates an array of photographic styles and techniques. We also included a collection of artwork by Ashley Zhang, largely inspired by influential moments in her life.

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