The power behind the post-it

Debbie Yuen/Staff

Post-it notes: the single greatest invention since Johannes Gutenberg conceived the printing press. Period.

“Why?” — you are most likely inclined to ask.


Because of its potential.

This miniscule pad of sticky paper has been an integral item in my arsenal of tools since junior high: a pencil pouch full of rainbow-colored markers, highlighters and fluorescent glitter pens. Post-its, however, are so much more than your average school supply.

“Post-its are my guides.”

Post-its are my reminders. Whether they are attached to my bathroom mirror or adhered to my computer screen, Post-its are my advisers. They never fail to remember that one recipe I always seem to forget. They impart wisdom on a significant scale.

Post-its are my guides. They distinguish page 145 in the novel I’m reading, but with their ephemeral nature, they will advance to 221 by the end of the night. They stay for only a fleeting moment, always moving forward, looking ahead and learning more. No imprint or blemish or trace left behind — here one instant, gone the next.

Post-its are my connections — the occasional “thank you” to my roommate on the kitchen counter, the unexpected “I love you” affixed to the front door before my father leaves for work. Post-its are my simple displays of gratitude and affection, reminding my loved ones of just how much I care.

Post-its are my questions:

“Can you cry under water?”

How many United Nations member states are there?

How do we know what noises dinosaurs made?

Can you cry under water?

How many people have lived on Earth?

These notes foster inquiry, encouraging my pursuit of knowledge. Post-its cultivate my curiosity, my passion for research and investigation. They transform my everyday speculations into the exploration of new perspectives, helping me realize my desire to discover.

You just might be surprised by how much a 3”x3″ pad of semi-sticky paper can accomplish.

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