Fire hydrant near Haas Business School dislodged, currently reattached

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A fire hydrant besides Cheit Hall at Haas School of Business was torn from its position around noon Monday, leading to water spillage in the area, according to Berkeley Fire Department, or BFD, Batallion Chief Bill Kehoe.

BFD received a call about the hydrant about 12:30 p.m., and according to UCPD Sgt. Joe Ceiras, the hydrant has been reattached and is working properly as of about 5 p.m. It was detached from the ground when a delivery truck drove into it and drove off, with the cap of the hydrant lodged in the truck’s front grill, Kehoe said.

The dislodging of the fire hydrant led to water jets of about 30–40 feet in the air, but due to good drainage systems, no flooding was found, according to Kehoe. He added that all nearby buildings were still checked for water damage.

The driver of the van called in at about 1:10 p.m., Kehoe said. He also said that no one was injured.

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