ASUC closes deal to sell Cal Lodge for $502K

Cal Lodge/Courtesy

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Cal Lodge, an ASUC retreat lodge close to Lake Tahoe that used to be rented out to student organizations, has been sold for $502,000 to Beriha Magalli Yoho as of Jan. 17.

The lodge was built in the 1930s by the campus forestry department but has since sunk into disrepair. The lodge lost more than $18,337 in the 2011–12 fiscal year because of high maintenance costs and a lack of bookings. By 2013, the ASUC had considered closing the lodge.

“Since the renovation in 2012–2013, the expense spent on Cal Lodge has been greater than the revenue it generates by threefold,” reads a senate resolution from 2016 that suggested putting Cal Lodge on the market.

The ASUC made the decision to sell the lodge in November 2016, according to ASUC Senator Nuha Khalfay. The property was listed to be sold Dec. 6, 2017, and the sale was closed Jan. 17, 2018.

The lodge was in disrepair before it was sold and needed repairs on both the plumbing and electrical systems.

“In order to accomplish updating plumbing, electrical and heating systems, someone will likely need to gut it,” reads a senate resolution that affirmed the sale of Cal Lodge. “To avoid from it being a serious liability for the school, I think it is prudent to sell it as-is to someone willing to refurbish it.”

The ASUC decided on the allocations of the Cal Lodge sale revenue Feb. 7. In this decision, $70,000 was set aside to buy the Berkeleytime software, and the remaining $432,000 was stored in the ASUC investment portfolio to continue generating funds through interest.

The resolution also mentions that the remaining money from the sale could go toward funding “more than 30 new student organizations every year.”

“I can say that this is a decision that has been made after a lot of consideration over many years,” Khalfay said in an email. “And that selling cal lodge was in the best interest of the association, and by extension the student body.”

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