7 reasons why ‘The Amanda Show’ was the best show ever to exist

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Nickelodeon isn’t what it used to be. Nowadays, the only worthy show that still regularly airs on the channel is “Spongebob Squarepants,” and we often find ourselves discussing the older shows such as “The Amanda Show.” Most of us grew up with this television classic, and with that, we all had to witness the slow downfall of Amanda Bynes. However, let us reminisce on the better days and all that “The Amanda Show” had to offer to us Berkeley students back in the day:

Amanda’s opening outfits

Every time Amanda ran through the doors of the stage with her crazy ponytails and pink platform flip-flops, you knew the show was going to be lit. She was truly an early 2000s fashion icon. Young Amanda could wear an outfit made up entirely of denim and make us all feel confident enough to believe we could rock the same ensemble as well as she did.

It taught us to embrace our true selves

A key characteristic of “The Amanda Show” was that the jokes were not prepackaged. Everything Amanda said was new and different with each episode. Amanda made humor accessible. It’s rare to look back at a TV show and laugh harder at the jokes today than we did when we were children. When we watched Amanda perform, her delivery convinced us that she was being herself.

“Drake and Josh”

Let us not forget that “The Amanda Show” basically made “Drake and Josh” famous. Without their debut on “The Amanda Show,” Drake Bell and Josh Peck would’ve never been the sensation they were during their performances on “Drake and Josh.” In fact, some could argue that “The Amanda Show” was funnier than “Drake and Josh.” Either way, going from being featured on “The Amanda Show” to becoming a “viner” is definitely a downgrade.

It made it OK to like eggs

It’s fair to say that no one likes eggs more than Debbie from the iconic “The Girls’ Room” sketch. As young children, it was likely that eggs weren’t at the top of our list of favorite things, but after watching “The Amanda Show,” if we met someone who did like eggs, they were the bee’s knees. Debbie made liking eggs cool. “The Amanda Show” advocated good nutritional habits.

It brought us dancing sea life before it was cool

Bring in the dancing lobsters! If only every “Judge Judy episode ended the same way. “The Amanda Show” delivered dancing sea life to the masses way before Katy Perry introduced her dancing sharks at the Super Bowl. Unlike Katy Perry’s Left Shark,”The Amanda Show” is just one giant meme that’s successfully stood the test of time.

There was sure to be something to make you laugh

“The Amanda Show” was great. It was the “Saturday Night Live” for children. It made sketch comedy something consumable for kids. The variety was impressive and kept even the antsiest of kids occupied. Your parents probably even laughed at the “Mr. Oldman” sketch every now and then.

We are all “Totally Kyle”

One of the shortest but funniest sketches on “The Amanda Show” was Drake Bell’s “Totally Kyle” character. With long flowing blond hair and psychedelic get-ups, Drake depicted all of us venting to our friend after a long day of classes. What he says in his short 48-second bit is no longer a joke to us college students — it has become a reality.

It’s quite simple. “The Amanda Show” was the best show of all time.

Court dismissed. Bring in the dancing lobsters.

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