Ain’t about that dorm life: The struggles of living in the dorms

Simone Anne Lang/File

Ah, dorm life. The best and worst part of college. There are so many perks of living in the dorms: You don’t have to worry about cleaning your bathroom or paying your bills, and you’re just seconds away from campus and your friends. However, the dorm life is not always a great life. There are some days – maybe that’s an understatement – when you question why you’re paying so much money to live in what can often feel like a shitty place. The struggle is extremely real, so we have highlighted some of the major cons of living in the dorms.

Killer showers 

It’s extremely difficult to enjoy your shower time when it feels like thousands of darts are being shot at you all at once. Why is the water pressure so high? We just don’t understand. Furthermore, because it’s a communal shower, you ALWAYS have to wear your shower shoes, as you don’t want to catch a nasty foot fungus like athlete’s foot.

Communal kitchen

Stains all over the stove and counters with food scraps in the sink are sights to get used to: Welcome to your communal kitchen. This must be one of the most depressing parts of living in the dorms. Sharing a kitchen with more than a hundred other people and finding out that more than half of them have never learned how to clean properly makes for a sad time.

Micro-sized fridge

Why is the fridge so damn small? It would be fine if you’re the only person using it, but you’re sharing it with one to three other people. The struggle is real when you go grocery shopping and have to contemplate whether everything will fit in the fridge — the answer is usually no.

Dirty dormmates

Quickly after living in the dorms, you soon find out how filthy your floormates are. Walking into the shower and seeing a 6-by-7-inch hair ball just casually sitting on the drain is a daily occurrence. How difficult it is to remove your hair from the drain after each shower? That’s not even the worst part. Somehow people “forget” to flush. Yeah, we can’t wrap our minds around it, either.

Elevator that constantly breaks

If you’re not living in a suite, chances are that your building is older than your grandma. Because the units of Berkeley are ancient, the elevators are constantly going out of service. For first-floor residents, this isn’t a big deal, as they only have to walk up one flight of stairs. But for our eighth-floor residents, it’s definitely a climb to remember – at least they’re getting their butt and legs toned. The phrase, “You never know what you have until it’s gone,” has never been so relatable.

Although dorm life isn’t always so great, we highly recommend everyone experience it at least once. It’s one of the most social environments you’ll ever live in, and if you ever need help with homework or if you’re feeling a little lonely, you have a building full of people who can help!

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