‘Black Panther’ movie spinoffs that need to happen (spoiler alert)

Hannah Cooper/Senior Staff

“Black Panther” is the latest (and possibly greatest) Marvel blockbuster that people are raving about. According to Forbes, Black Panther has earned about $404 million in ticket sales only 10 days since its release. Though there was a good sense of closure to the film itself, its unique characters beg for their own stories to be told. Here’s a list of potential Black Panther spinoffs that would be fun to watch:

“The Silver Panther”

Let’s not hide the fact that T’Challa’s success is almost entirely due to his sister’s crazy ability to manipulate Vibranium like a boss. Shuri singlehandedly led Wakanda to become the innovative beacon that its ancestors began. In this movie, Shuri finally gets a chance to get a taste of living through her own technology as the Silver Panther. Unlike most superhero duos, Silver Panther and Black Panther don’t work as a pair, but rather as separate entities, battling evil wherever it may strike. Silver Panther would have the same abilities as the Black Panther, but now add flight and invisibility. Forget Iron Man.

“The Rise of the Jabari”

M’Baku and the Jabari tribe are well-known for their ability to carve and utilize the powerful Jabari wood found exclusively in the lands of the Jabari. The wood is a gift from the divine and holds incredible power that is comparable to Vibranium. This spinoff follows a Jabari scientist and his ability to combine the powers of Vibranium and Jabari wood to create a device that brings the dead back to life until they’ve been pierced by a rare Jabari wood. M’Baku has to come to the rescue and uses a spear carved from the rare wood to defeat the threat of the new device. As a gift, T’Challa grants M’Baku and the Jabari unlimited access to Vibranium deposits.

“The New Alliance”

In this spinoff, Bucky and the Black Panther team up to fight crime that has recently erupted in different parts of the world. Connection has been made among all of the heists and the New Alliance is prepared to find the perpetrator. Bucky is equipped with a new and improved bionic arm that was designed by Shuri. With Bucky’s new advancement and T’Challa’s new experience as king, both go through many trials and tribulations in order to successfully complete the mission. This takes place right after the Black Panther film and before the Infinity Wars.

“The Dora Milaje and the Sacred Garden”

The Dora Milaje are recently put in charge of protecting the herb garden that was burned down by Erik Killmonger. A sudden breach of trust occurs when one of the Dora Milaje members escapes Wakanda with the last of the herb that was to be used to revive the garden. Okoye takes matters into her own hands and travels across Africa to pursue the vagrant warrior. When Okoye finally confronts the rogue warrior on top of the large cliffs of Mali, she’s surprised to learn the actual identity of the warrior. Okoye must quickly decide on whether or not to sacrifice a fellow cohort member for the remainder of the herb.

“W’Kabi’s Herd”

This would be a cute short to play before the next Marvel movie. In the short, W’Kabi finds a herd of separated rhinos in the Serengeti. He decides to take them under his care and eventually finds a way to train them to become formidable warriors in a montage sequence.

“Black Panther” had much to give to existing Marvel fans and the general moviegoer. Its highly nuanced and developed characters were a large contributor to its success and its legacy in the MCU, as well as within the superhero franchises of Hollywood in general. “Black Panther” is only the beginning.

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