Why everyone needs to be excited about the release of Vine 2

Franchesca Spektor/File

With Vine 2 — or “v2” — set to be released sometime in the near future and the “… as described by vines” meme flooding UCBMFET, here are some of the reasons why we at the Clog are looking forward to having our favorite source of procrastination, stress relief and hilarious entertainment back.


College is so busy, and sometimes you just really need an outlet to vent, scream, laugh and simply express yourself! Sure, people recommend journaling, drawing or blogging, but let’s be real — very few people actually have the time to sit down and do those things. Vining is so simple and takes no time at all, and you can express all your joy, stress, excitement or frustration in a quick six seconds.

Instant fame 

If we’re being honest, we’ve all imagined our lives as celebrities. Vine gave us that easy access to stardom way back when it first came out by enabling us to film short and wacky content, and surely it will bring us our long-awaited Internet fame this time around. 


It takes lots of creativity to make a short video entertaining. Vining allows us to unleash the creative beast inside us all and be appreciated for our wildly artistic choices. Call us the Van Gogh of Viners, please. 

Appreciation and acknowledgement 

Honestly, most vines are pretty silly and ridiculous, but at the same time, so #relatable. We can’t wait to see what strange content our fellow viners will produce that’ll inevitably make us go, “same.”

Infectious laughter

Not all vines are meant for comedy, but the ones that are can keep you laughing for hours! We at the Clog are looking forward to getting to see some knee-slapping quality content on v2 soon!

Happy v2-ing, Bears!

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