Let’s get stacked: The best pancakes in Berkeley for National Pancake Day

Ujval Misra/Staff

We flipping love pancakes. Sweet and savory, they are a fantastic addition to your breakfast. But pancakes are quite difficult to master, as you have to perfect the right amount of fluff, viscosity and sweetness. Thank God there are people who have perfected the art of pancake-making for us! To ensure that you’re not disappointed this National Pancake Day, we’ve compiled a list of the best places in Berkeley to get some unforgettable pancakes!

La Note  

Location: 2377 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, CA 94704  


Located in the heart of downtown Berkeley, La Note is the place to be. This authentic Provencal restaurant serves some of Berkeley’s best pancakes. Their pancakes are everything you’ve ever dreamt of: light, fluffy and overall delicious! Sprinkled with powdered sugar and topped with fresh cream, their crème fraîche pancakes are to die for. Every bite consists of the perfect combination of sweet and savory. Their oatmeal raspberry pancake is another must. It’s topped with their homemade raspberry jam, adding a great touch to your everyday pancakes.

Cafe M  

Location: 1799 Fourth St. F, Berkeley, CA 94710  

Cafe M is one of our favorite cafes in Berkeley. Located right on Fourth Street, Cafe M makes some of the best breakfast and brunch dishes. Topped off with cinnamon butter, Cafe M’s pancakes are sweet and delectable. The pancakes provide just the right amount of sweetness and fluff. Come down to Fourth Street with your friends on the weekends to enjoy a toothsome breakfast at Cafe M and some stress-relieving shopping right after.

Quince Cafe and Grill   

Location: 2228 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley, CA 94702

Are you gluten free? Then Quince Cafe and Grill is screaming your name! The cafe is just a bus ride away and provides a killer gluten-free pancake. Thick and fluffy, Quince’s pancakes melt in your mouth at every bite. If you’re feeling adventurous, we recommend that you try their pancake roulettes, which are stuffed and drizzled with honey yogurt, granola and variety of berries. These pancakes can be quite heavy, so come in with an empty stomach!

Berkeley Social Club  

Location: 2050 University Ave., Berkeley, CA 94704  


Oh, the famous Berkeley Social Club. It’s always packed with people, but we can’t blame them because the food is just so darn delicious. Although thin, their lemon ricotta pancakes are, indeed, a must. As you take your first bite, the lemon will just melt your taste buds.


Location: 2415 Bowditch St., Berkeley, CA 94720

Can’t seem to find the time to go experience some of the best pancakes in Berkeley at the locations mentioned above, but still want to celebrate National Pancake Day? Then Crossroads is the perfect alternative for you! The famous Crossroads provides unlimited pancakes for just $10, or six meal points. What a steal! With the help of syrup, you won’t even be able to taste the bland flavors of the pancakes — thank you, syrup, for all you do. Come to Crossroads to get UNLIMITED pancakes for a fantastic price.

Now, go on and express your love for pancakes today!

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