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Blink a little longer to get some rest on National Public Sleeping Day

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FEBRUARY 28, 2018

Blink a little longer while you’re riding the 51B or take a nap in class to celebrate National Public Sleeping Day this year. Today, Feb. 28, feel free to catch up on your sleep by falling asleep anywhere and everywhere! You might find the nap pods on campus more busy than usual. We at the Clog know how much students value our sleep and have compiled a quick list of things you can do to catch z’s anywhere, even in the middle of Sproul Plaza!

Don’t brush your teeth, wash your face or shower in the morning

The second we wake up we instantly have the urge to close our eyes and go back to sleep. After we get up and walk toward the bathroom, we still want to run back into our beds. It’s usually not until we brush our teeth, wash our faces or shower that we actually start feeling awake. So, to set the mood of bedtime for the whole day, skip this step! You’ll be feeling like sleeping all day, which is what we want on National Public Sleeping Day.

Wear clothes you would normally wear to bed

Being comfortable is key to falling asleep! Throw on your comfiest outfit or roll straight out of bed and head to campus. Being warm and snuggly will definitely have you falling asleep in the middle of lecture. Also, remember to layer your clothing so you don’t get uncomfortably hot and stuffy in Evans Hall or incredibly cold and chilly in Valley Life Sciences Building.

Bring a sleeping bag, pillows and blankets

Who says you have to leave your bed to sleep in public? Carry around your sleeping bag, pillow and blanket to ensure maximum comfort no matter where you decide to lie down to rest! Can’t lie down to sleep? An easy fix is to attach a neck pillow to yourself so you can fall asleep while sitting up in class or even walking across campus.

Use public transportation instead of walking

Unless you can actually sleepwalk, sleeping and walking is a hard combo. To get more sleep, dedicate the day to actually using public transportation. Hate waiting for the bus? Just take a little nap while you wait. Once you’re on the bus, you can doze off while reaching your destination. Sleeping doesn’t have to stop your plans — it can become a part of your plan!

Don’t sleep the night before

The perfect way to easily sleep during the day is to deprive yourself of sleep the night before. Staying up all night will definitely have you tired enough to fall asleep without hesitation.

Watch course captures on 0.5x speed

Watching course captures at 1.5x speed can make you feel a bit groggy. Imagine what watching a lecture at 0.5x speed will do! This is a guaranteed way to fall into a deep sleep that might last you the whole day of Feb. 28.

In all seriousness, sleep is NOT for the weak. We all need it to function. With midterms kicking into full gear, we find ourselves choosing to study rather than get our recommended eight hours of shuteye. This is your chance to make up for it! So use National Public Sleeping Day to have enough of hours of sleep to last you the rest of the semester.

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FEBRUARY 28, 2018