Clog report: Student gets 8 hours of sleep, loved ones react with concern

Alexandra Nobida/Staff

The family and friends of UC Berkeley student Sally Mapps are flooded with fear as their loved one heads for an uncertain future.

On the morning of Feb. 21, Mapps awoke to find herself well-rested and relaxed. She had intended to take a short nap around 11 p.m. in order to wake up at midnight to continue studying for midterms. But something went wrong — she had forgotten to set her alarm for that night, and instead woke up to her usual alarm at 7 a.m, meaning that she had slept for a full eight hours.

Upon waking up, she noticed how incredibly calm she felt. As she told the Clog in a recent interview, “It was like I was a new person. I haven’t felt that awake since last summer.”

Unfortunately, this chance occurrence convinced Mapps to change her sleeping schedule for good. Since last week, she has had between eight and nine hours of sleep every night. Her roommate, Alex Charts, was the first to notice. “I don’t know what’s come over her. She isn’t studying as much, she’s saying hello to people on campus and she’s always in bed by the time I get home,” Charts told the Clog.

It wasn’t long until Charts felt the need to contact Mapps’ family. Upon hearing the news, Mapps’ father broke down in tears and later commented, “I didn’t raise Sally to neglect her academics. It’s incredibly disappointing to see my daughter choose this path of indolence.”

Mapps claims she “does not have a problem” and that “everyone should be sleeping more.” This kind of troubling dialogue is exactly how GPAs drop and Adderall sales plummet.

We reached out for a second interview with Mapps, but unfortunately, she was asleep. Her actions may have begun as a mistake, but her subsequent decision to continue her sloth-like behavior should be a concern to us all.

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