ASUC passes resolutions lifting commission suspensions

Paige Hagerman/File

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The ASUC Senate passed seven resolutions at its regular Wednesday meeting, including one ending the suspension of three ASUC commissions and another ensuring that ASUC-sponsored organizations disclose funds.

The Intimate Partner Violence, Sustainability, Financial Wellness, Sexual Violence and Mental Health commissions were reinstated after Chief Personnel Officer Evan Cui hosted a commission summit, where all the commissions were informed of the new bylaw requirements. The senate also passed a resolution requiring Registered Student Organizations, or RSOs, to put all their money in ASUC-operated bank accounts in order to have more transparency when allocating funds.

The new requirements for commissions include giving an oral report at least once every four senate meetings, submitting one formal report per semester and having one official meeting per semester. Reinstatement means these commissions can once again appoint new members and use ASUC funds, according to the resolution.

The Intimate Partner Violence commission, in compliance with the bylaws, gave a short presentation during the meeting. Ana Mancia, chair of the commission, updated the senate on the commission’s activities.

“(We are) going to high schools in Oakland (and) administering training about dating violence,” Mancia said at the meeting. “Students need this type of information, (and it’s) not included in their curriculums.”

The commission is also partnering with the Young Women’s Christian Association, or the YWCA, and presenting to student organizations, including DeCals, co-ops and sororities. Mancia’s presentation was met with gratitude from multiple senators.

The senate also passed a resolution prohibiting RSOs from having external bank accounts and requiring them to transfer all money to their CalLink accounts.

“By the terms and conditions of the Associated Students of the University of California, ASUC sponsored/funded and (Graduate Assembly) funded student organizations are prohibited from having outside bank account(s),” the resolution reads.

RSOs must transfer all money into their CalLink accounts within six weeks of the resolution’s passage or within 14 days of using an external payment service, or will be found in violation of this policy, according to the resolution. After two violations of this policy, organizations will revert to zero years as an ASUC-sponsored organization, which will lower the funds allocated to the RSO.

ASUC President Zaynab AbdulQadir-Morris announced at the meeting that the UC Berkeley Graduate Assembly is planning a vote to separate from the ASUC at its upcoming Thursday meeting. The Graduate Assembly has been considering seceding from the ASUC in order to establish its own independent association, leading to concern from the undergraduate members of the ASUC.

“I feel that a federal solution will sufficiently address the concerns (of the Graduate Assembly),” AbdulQadir-Morris said. “Pursuing separation as they’ve envisioned – it will put us in a position where we’re across the table, speaking at each other, not with each other.”

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