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Which Marvel superhero are you? (UC Berkeley edition)

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MARCH 02, 2018

Marvel movies are arguably some of the hottest and most exciting things happening in the entertainment world right now. There’s really no debate on the big “Marvel or DC?” question anymore, because it’s clear who’s better. Marvel’s been killing the game lately, with new releases such as “Black Panther,” “Spider-Man: Homecoming” and “Thor: Ragnarok” blowing audiences and box offices away. We’ll admit, we’re having a hard time following the different “phases” and the entire timeline, but we do know that we’re extremely excited to see “Avengers: Infinity War.” So, to celebrate the Marvel hype, we created this quiz to see which Marvel superhero you are. Are you as smart as Tony Stark in class? Do you lose your temper when your roommate eats your food like the Hulk would? Do you feel neglected by the world like Black Widow is neglected by the Marvel Cinematic Universe? You’ll find out!  


  1. You’re hanging off the top of the Campanile, and you’re about to plunge to your death. Which “Man” do you want saving you?
    1. Spider-Man
    2. Iron Man
    3. Ant-Man
    4. I don’t need a man to save me.
  2. It’s your first day of college and you see that Peter Parker, Shuri and Michelle (Zendaya’s character in Spider-Man: Homecoming) are all in your class. Who do you try and make friends with first?
    1. Peter Parker
    2. Shuri
    3. Michelle
    4. I’m anti-social and don’t want friends.
  3. You’re 30 minutes late for an hourlong midterm and need to get over to Evans fast! Do you:
    1. Channel the power of the Black Panther and use your newfound agility to get there with 25 minutes to spare.
    2. Borrow Falcon’s wings and fly over.
    3. Call up your friend Thor and have him fly you there, and use his hammer and towering stature to make the professor give you more time.
    4. Just keep sleeping. It’s not worth the energy.
  4. Which alter ego do you relate with most?
    1. Bruce Banner
    2. Peter Parker
    3. T’Challa
    4. Steve Rogers
  5. Where do you want to study abroad?
    1. Asgard
    2. Wakanda
    3. In space on the Guardians of the Galaxy’s ship to do “research”
    4. I’d rather have a summer internship with Stark Industries.
  6. Who do you want to be your professor?
    1. Bruce Banner
    2. Professor X
    3. Doctor Strange
    4. Tony Stark
  7. UC Berkeley is under attack by Loki and his army of aliens. You’re the campus’s only hope! Do you:
    1. Create a distraction by starting a protest on Sproul.
    2. Just hide in Main Stacks and pray the Avengers show up.
    3. Get the Haas administration to let him in. Hopefully that’ll placate someone as snakelike as Loki.
    4. Face him head-on with the fiery spirit of Oski in your heart and absolutely no weapon in hand! You’ll figure something out when you get there.
  8. And the final and most important question: Which Chris is the best Chris?
    1. Chris Hemsworth
    2. Chris Evans
    3. Chris Pratt
    4. Chris Pine (Yeah, he’s in DC, but he also went to UC Berkeley, so that overrides everything else).
    1. Black Panther. You’re still figuring out your big role in the world, but you’re doing it with all the strength of the Black Panther. You’ve endured hardships, but you’ve grown stronger from it. Not to mention, everyone loves you and you look totally amazing in a suit.
    2. Spider-Man. You’re funny and smart but also a bit inexperienced. You often get in over your head, but thanks to your perseverance and sick powers, you always come out fine. You bring your wit into everything you do, and you’re always trying your best.
    3. Captain America. You’re definitely the parent of whatever group you’re in. You’re used to being the underdog, and you always do the right thing, no matter the cost. You’re also a little old-fashioned, but it’s endearing and people love you for it.
    4. Black Widow. You have a lot of secrets and don’t like to share information about yourself. You’re strong and never let anyone mess with you. (If they dare try!)
    5. Star-Lord. You really don’t take anything too seriously. Life is too short to spend being sad, so you always keep the mood light. You do know how to be serious when you need to be, though, and you always get the job done. Not to mention, you have a great taste in music.


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MARCH 02, 2018