Spooky stuff that maybe happened in UC Berkeley buildings (but definitely did not)

Ameena Golding/Staff

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Whether you like it or not, something spooky is rumored to have happened in your city. It could be a creepy murder. Someone might have died of natural causes but decided to stick around. Maybe a small battle during the Civil War happened there, and the ghosts continue to fight on. Either way, every city is a little haunted.

That’s just the way the cookie crumbles, and Berkeley is no exception. In this city of wild characters, activist spirit and rich historical background, Berkeley is flush with possibly true (but definitely fake) scary and haunted shit.

Here are some haunted places around UC Berkeley you might want to look out for when finding a place to live.

The Faculty Club

The Faculty Club is scary for plenty of reasons. It’s literally the place where university professors, who hold our fates in their hands, get together and socialize. They probably sit around like witches around a cauldron, cackling about the failing grades they are brewing up. But this isn’t the spookiest thing about the Faculty Club.

Once upon a time, Henry Morse Stephens, a former literature professor, lived in room 219 of this closed-off, wooden campus structure. He died in 1919. Now, he apparently roams the halls of the Faculty Club. But don’t worry. Maybe it’s because he was old when he died or he just isn’t that kind of ghost, but he’s not a spooker. Instead, he just sits around reading books, because death isn’t going to keep him from his passion.

Go you, Henry.

Sather Tower

Obviously, there are going to be rumors about ghosts in Sather Tower. Look at it! It’s an old tower with Abraham Lincoln’s bust on the front. It’s probably haunted. There are plenty of stories about the tower, including it being built out of bones. Some people even say that the dinosaur bones buried here come to life, “Night at the Museum” style.

The most interesting spooky thing that might have happened here (but 100 percent didn’t) is the rumor that Marie Antoinette was not decapitated in France, but right here in front of Sather Tower. This totally made-up rumor challenges a widely accepted belief that she was killed in France and gives Berkeley a really exciting new historical event!

Why would Marie Antoinette have been brought to Berkeley to die? I don’t know.


Have you ever been to Foothill? It’s really quiet there. Now, that may be because it houses mostly engineering and computer science students who are always studying, or because it’s reputationally not very social. What is more plausible but probably false is that Foothill, like Sather Tower and Hearst Pool, was once a burial ground.

There’s a lot of evidence that people were buried below Foothill and now their ghosts haunt the dorms. Once, a few girls played with a Ouija board in one of the dorms and it moved! Sometimes, the plumbing doesn’t work! The tell-tale sign? Every now and again (and by that I mean never), a ghost can be heard moaning computer code through the halls.

Clark Kerr Campus

Clark Kerr Campus is beautiful. But beauty doesn’t stop a place from being haunted, which Clark Kerr is. If you’ve ever walked to the top of Clark Kerr, you’ve seen the abandoned building with all the windows broken. This dilapidated building is rumored to be the home of the ghost of a little boy. No one has complained about him, so we can only assume he’s a nice ghost.

While that is the most substantiated spooky story of Clark Kerr, there are others. One time, in the dining hall, I heard a girl say that Stevie Wonder died at Clark Kerr. Stevie Wonder is still alive, so that’s definitely not true, but wouldn’t that be cool?

Now you have more information to help you pick a place to live. Always remember to take ghosts into consideration when finding your home!

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